Ontology API

A comprehensive mapping of skills and professions to unlock talent potential


Introduction to the Ontology API

Unlock the hidden connections between professions and skills

In today’s skilled-based economy, understanding the connections between skills and their relevance across professions is vital.

The Ontology API serves as a powerful mapping between skills and profession taxonomies and creates endless possibilities for you to leverage and integrate this real-world knowledge. Recognize shared and adaptable skills between professions and bridge any skill gaps to stay competitive.


Create rich skill profiles with ease

Discover related skills based on a profession or current skillset.


Determine career path next steps

Discover suitable professions based on a set of skills.


Bridge the gap between professions

Reveal the ‘skill gap’ between any two professions.

Problem Solving Solutions

Empower growth with the Ontology API

Empower your talent to excel!

Enjoy endless placements with skills based recruiting! Fill new or in-demand roles by identifying transferable skills from existing or previous experience.

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Build and enhance skill profiles!

Automatically deduce skills from an individual's past work experience for comprehensive skill profiles. Ensuring more accurate and effective matches.

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Reveal hidden potential!

Identify untapped talent, and discover potential skill gaps, through valuable insights into your internal skills marketplace.

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Why Textkernel's Ontology API

The most comprehensive mapping of skills and professions

  1. Most Complete Skills and Professions Relations

    We source and combine real-world job postings, public taxonomies, and user queries to give you comprehensive and accurate relations between professions and skills.

  2. Instant access to latest taxonomies

    Our continuous discovery process ensures that new skills and professions are constantly updated with the latest findings.

  3. Trusted data accuracy and reliability

    Our taxonomies undergo meticulous human curation and verification, and are further enriched with customer and expert insights.

  4. Cross-lingual capabilities for global matching

    Overcome the language barrier and understand and analyze the skills and professions connection across countries and languages, allowing you to effortlessly tap into new talent pools worldwide.

  5. Seamless integration with your workflow

    Integrated within Textkernel products and accessible through our API, skills intelligence becomes an integral part of your own systems, providing standardized and enriched data across all your processes.

Ready to get started?

Watch the demo to see it in action! And take a moment to explore our comprehensive technical documentation available on the developer portal. To begin your journey, speak to our team and simply request your logins (API key), you'll be all set to go.