The Textkernel Skills API

Skills API

Why Skills?

Skills enrichment provides recruiters and other talent management professionals the ability to understand the actual skillset of an individual candidate or employee, your current pipeline, or your talent database.

Organizations can leverage Textkernel’s Skills API to address a number of business challenges including:

The Textkernel Skills API

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How can my organization benefit from skills?

Frequently Asked Questions


1) How does Textkernel define a skill?

Textkernel defines a skill as a trait or capacity that could be associated with an individual person in a variety of professional situations or context.


2) How many skill concepts does the Textkernel Skills Classification cover?

The Textkernel Skills classification entails more than 11,000 skill concepts that categorize over 130,000 synonyms across 6 languages.


3) What process did Textkernel use to collect, assess and classify all concepts and synonyms?

As with building any kind of ontology, we began by taking a wide view on several sources of skill concept information including: CVs/resumes, job vacancies, numerous existing taxonomies, online sources such as wikipedia, training and development descriptions and syllabuses from various educational institutions.

We then used statistical techniques and machine learning and distill our list into the most recurring concepts and create a hierarchy of terminology. We assessed relevancy by analyzing actual occurrence of a skill concept across millions of job vacancies and candidate CVs or resumes. Finally, our dedicated quality assurance teams extensively inspects and improves the system to guarantee that the skill extraction reflects human intuition.


4) How is your skill taxonomy structured?

We distinguish four categories of skills: “Professional skills”, “Soft skills”, “IT skills” and “Languages”. We don’t impose a deeper hierarchy than that, as there is not a single structure that fits all purposes: different usage contexts of skill data require different ways of grouping skills.


5) How frequently will Textkernel add new skills or update the taxonomy?

We generally release updates every two weeks. These updates contain improvements to the skills repository in any the available languages as well as improvements to the extraction method.


6) Can I suggest new skills?

Textkernel welcomes feedback on our skills concepts and we consult closely with several of our key customers on the continued enhancement of our taxonomy.  If you are interested in participating in our Ontology Maintenance program, please contact us for more details.


7) How do I get my candidate database to speak your skills language?

Textkernel provides services that parse candidate documents (CVs/resumes, application letters), and can return this data to you in a structured database that includes the latest skill categories. Interested to learn more about our parsing services that include skill categorization? Contact us.

Or learn more about our high-quality parsing solutions.

More questions that haven’t been already answered? Please contact us and we would be pleased to share more information with you.