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Labour Market Data for Recruiters, Corporate HR and beyond

New & improved Jobfeed portal!

  • Time saving and increased efficiency: Streamlined workflows with fewer clicks, autofill suggestions, and immediate access to critical information.
  • Seamless and intuitive design: Simple to use, an intuitive navigation and layout, and ‘click-to-action’ functionality.
  • Powerful business and lead generation tool: Key features and functionality to uncover new business opportunities, comprehensive company information, and prospects activities.

The largest searchable job database for Lead Generation, Labour Market Analytics, Skills Demand Data and Outplacement

Over 1 billion current and historical job postings in one central tool.

  • Covering 13 markets across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific
  • Updated real-time with the latest jobs per market, deduplicated and searchable
  • Available via portal, API and data feed
  • See the ads placed by existing or potential customers or competitors in the job market
  • Rapidly find the right job for your candidate
  • Identify trends and gather job market information

“The Jobfeed information is of great value to us. It helps us to quickly detect and respond to the demand of our customers and prospects. Understanding the labor market also supports strategic choices.”

Hans Pruis, CEO, Adecco

Discover Jobfeed

Discover highly accurate, real-time labor market data Jobfeed.

How is remote work shaping up across Europe? We’ve got the answers for you.

Based on the job vacancy information across 8 European countries, Textkernel analyzed the prevalence of remote working roles or jobs in which remote or ‘home office’ are possible.

How Jobfeed works

Jobfeed is Textkernel’s Big Data tool that automatically searches the Internet for new job ads every day. The jobs found are automatically entered in Jobfeed according to criteria such as job title, required qualifications, location and company name. The data is also enriched, for example with profession and skill taxonomies, industry and other company data. The user-friendly Jobfeed portal makes it easy to search for all jobs, produce analyses, identify sales leads and set up job alerts.

Matching with all online jobs

By combining Jobfeed with Match!, not only can you spot opportunities in the market, you can also find the best candidates for the jobs. Additionally, you can easily match a profile to all online jobs so you can quickly find that relevant job for your candidate, client or employee.

Jobfeed versions

Jobfeed can be used for multiple target groups, for multiple purposes. For advice on which type of Jobfeed suits your requirements and organisation best, please contact us.

Jobfeed Portal

With your personal login code you can search through all the jobs in the database. Activate email alerts to keep up to date with the latest job ads based on the criteria you specify. Visualize the demand in your market with Jobfeed Insights, and generate Excel reports of current or historical data with Jobfeed Analytics.

Jobfeed API

Integrate with your own recruitment application using the Jobfeed API. The supplier of your software system can use this interface to establish a link to Jobfeed. You can then use the Jobfeed jobs and search technology in your own application.

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The Textkernel Search! and Extract! components provide TalentLink the ability to run semantic searches within the customer database of candidates.

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