Match more candidates and jobs with AI.

Talent identification, acquisition and management is changing for good.

Now with semantic-driven candidate searching and matching, organizations looking for talent can transform their processes to increase business value from the entire talent lifecycle.

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Textkernel search and match use case

Talent management in a changing world.

Your Challenge:

A fast-changing competitive landscape requires new skills and new roles that for many organizations have not previously existed.

Your options?

A: Identify existing talent with related skills that might be able to pivot into new roles.

B: Pinpoint past candidates that applied to your organization that already exist within your talent database.

C: Hunt for external candidates with those hard-to-find skills across multiple databases.

Match! from Textkernel can support you with Options A, B and C. Thanks to our semantic search technology, we can extensively search your existing talent networks as well as external sources to help you find the right candidate.

Your organization benefits in multiple ways: dramatically reduced acquisition costs as you find more suitable talent already within your direct reach. Improved employee satisfaction and reduced churn as employees are connected to more internal opportunities than ever before.

Just to name two examples.

We work with +1,000 customers to change how people and jobs connect.


Employer branding combined with new, higher levels of unemployment are increasing candidate numbers.

Your Challenge:

Many organizations are grappling with extremely high levels of applicants that are overwhelming recruitment teams.

Your options?

A: Use your Career Portal as a tool to ensure that skilled candidates can quickly and easily apply for open roles and be notified when new roles open.

B: Guide potential applicants to the most suitable vacancy and enable automated workflows where there is no potential match.

C: Generate alerts and candidate processes that ensure your team is not sidetracked with lower quality candidates but can react quickly when that unicorn applies.

Textkernel’s Match! can support you in a myriad of ways. Not just as a high-powered search engine, but also as a technology that can be embedded into your Career Portal to support candidate flows.


How does semantic searching and matching work?

In addition to basic searching capabilities (if you really want to), Match! offers your team the ability to harness automated searching and matching activities so you can better navigate high volumes of candidate and employee data to create talent-work connections.

Match! generates an automatic search query from a job description or a candidate’s resume. The result of the search is a shortlist of the best candidate matches or jobs from your databases. Textkernel’s semantic job matching software also simultaneously searches online for interesting candidates on job boards, social media and other sources.

Want to take over the controls? With our user-friendly interface, you can further extend or modify your search, so you will always get the best results.

How semantic search and match work

Why Textkernel Match!?


Our customers appreciate our high accuracy rates and ability to identify matches between people and jobs that otherwise might have been overlooked. Test it for yourself.


Our technology has the ability to take the heavy lifting from your streamlined HR team and process millions of candidate and employee profiles.  Ensure that you are alerted when the right candidates and matches are made, but allow the latest in smart technology to guide the candidates’ journey without hand-holding.


Today’s talent marketplace is global, and so is your business. So why should your technology be limited by language? Match candidate applications to open requisitions in over 23 languages and counting.


Textkernel takes the data security and privacy of candidate information very seriously. We are ISO 27001 certified. Learn more.

Our integrations

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Otto Group

“We’re all very excited about Textkernel’s modern technology and see great potential for it in our recruiting process. And we’re not the only one. We’ve shown this to our subsidiaries and they are really interested. This is really going to help us move forward.” – Sven Herrmann, Product Manager, Otto Group

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“The problem with a ‘black and white’ searching system is that you might miss out on relevant candidates. Textkernel’s semantic searching and matching allow us to automatically find greater numbers of suitable candidates for open positions as they come in.” – Tom Pohling, HR Manager at ARTS

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“Our recruiters have a user-friendly interface and can find and match
relevant candidates in our database. We have already arranged new
placements to the fullest satisfaction of our customers that we would
not have identified otherwise.” – Alexandre Grasset, Senior Project Manager at Manpower

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Specifications of Match

Automate your search through our one-click match solution that find and rank candidates for quicker placement

  1. Powered by AI, Machine Learning and Semantic Technology

    There are three core ingredients behind the success of Match!:

    - Semantic understanding of documents (CVs, job ads) and queries
    - Advanced searching and matching
    - HR domain knowledge

    AI and Machine Learning technologies are the driving force behind this. Machine Learning enables our models to be more accurate and robust. Semantic search judges the relevance of a document based on a sophisticated model that understands what you mean rather than what you type. In addition, a domain-specific semantic layer is also needed to provide meaningful search results. Textkernel’s data-driven and extensive HR domain knowledge provides this final ingredient for state-of-the art parsing, searching and matching results.

  2. Automatically formulating searches

    Based on your profile or job description, Match! automatically makes a search and matches this to your databases and external sources.

  3. Available in multiple languages

    Match! is available in multiple languages. The list of languages in which Match! is available is being expanded constantly. We currently offer the HR application for the following languages*

    Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

    *Is the language you need missing from this list? Contact us to discuss the current status of your required language.

  4. CV parser

    Unstructured CVs are converted into structured and enriched data which can be matched. This takes place on the basis of Extract! CV parsing.

  5. Job parser

    Information from job ads is structured by the job parser and then enriched. This parsing method for job ads is used in, among other things, Jobfeed.

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