Semantic search and talent sourcing

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Semantic search and talent sourcing

Search! is Textkernel’s semantic search software that helps you find the right jobs and candidates in your own database and in external sources, effectively and easily.

Easily find the most relevant jobs and candidates

Add this powerful semantic search technology to your job or CV database and increase your value. Textkernel makes use of semantic search technology that goes beyond keyword search and finds what you mean, not what you type. Enable job seekers and recruiters to easily search and find the most relevant jobs and candidates.

Semantic candidate search

Find candidates easily, effectively and efficiently. In a single search task you can search multiple (CV) databases, talent pools and social media. With Textkernel’s intelligent and user-friendly search and sourcing software you are able to find better candidates faster.

Benefits of Search!

  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Increased likelihood of finding the most suitable candidates
  • Option of simultaneously sourcing multiple databases and social media in one search task
  • Ability to quickly and easily save external profiles

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“The problem with a ‘black and white’ searching system is that you might miss out on relevant candidates. Textkernel’s semantic searching and matching allow us to automatically find greater numbers of suitable candidates for open positions as they come in.” – Tom Pohling, HR Manager at ARTS

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Textkernel has integrated its business development and sourcing tools with Bullhorn to enhance enterprise recruiter productivity

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Textkernel technology allows our customers to reduce the time needed to find and match the most relevant candidates.

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Features: Job and Candidate Search!

Textkernel’s Search! is based on highly advanced semantic search technology, wrapped up in an easy-to-use interface. Read about the technical specifications of Search!

Search! options

The user interface of Search! takes the complexity out of searching. Without any technical training, you can easily find the best candidate with the right combination of criteria. The various search features are set out below.

Smart ranking of results

The Search! engine has been specially developed to search for candidates on the basis of multiple search terms. Search! uses the knowledge in your CV database to specify the most unique combinations of candidate characteristics and display these at the top of the results list. You will then see the most attractive candidates first.

Search by synonym and related terms

In Search! you can search more widely than on the the terms you have entered. The application automatically translates your search terms into synonyms and related terms, increasing your chance of results. You can view and adjust the search criteria at any time during your search.

Career path searching

With Search! it is easy to search for specific parts of a person’s career. If you are looking for a project manager who has previously worked as a Java developer, Search! will find that candidate. This technology also enables you to identify career patterns, for example to improve the internal career progress in your organisation.

Spelling correction

What if you make a typing or spelling error in your search? No problem. Search! contains a unique database of language-specific HRM-related search terms. That means you will still find the right candidate even if you make a typing or spelling error.

Searching by facet

It is really easy to search your database by using facets. Facets are very user-friendly and are widely used on the Internet, for example by well-known travel and house & home websites. A facet classifies your candidates on the basis of criteria such as sector, number of years’ work experience, document date, availability, salary requirement and/or educational level. For each facet you can see the categories and the number of candidates in each category. Search! enables you to filter the results by one or more categories.

Tag clouds

The main keywords in CVs are displayed in tag clouds and dynamically updated. In this way Search! makes it even easier to apply filters for the most suitable profiles. Tag clouds are available for example for job titles, employers, education names, technical skills and languages.

Searching by location

Search! enables you to search for candidates living in a particular region. You can enter a postcode or place name and then set the mileage radius within which the candidate must live. That enables you to optimise the search results on the basis of travel distance. Search! includes a worldwide database of postcodes and place names.

Applying a weighting

With Search! you can apply a weighting to the various components of a search to fill a position. You can decide what kind of candidates need to appear at the top of the list. For example those with the right technical skills or those with experience in a particular job.


In standard search systems you often get no results if you enter too many search terms. You then have to broaden or change the criteria. The inventive technology in Search! enables you to state which keywords or facets are required (must have) and which are desirable (nice to have). This can easily be adjusted during each search.

Learning to Rank (LTR)

Textkernel uses machine learning techniques to learn from user feedback which search results are good and which are not. Being able to machine-learn a model allows for automatic tailoring of the ranking to a certain user’s preferences. Find out more on our technology page. LTR is an optional feature and can be added on request.


Search! can be integrated in practically all software systems. It can be customised as follows:

Search screen in house style

The search screen in Search! can be adapted to your house style using CSS. This can then be seamlessly integrated into your existing application by means of an iframe.

Searching with API

You can also use your own search screen. You then use the Search! API (via SOAP or JSON) to download the search results and display them in your application.

Data transfers

Your CVs and/or vacancies, complete with database fields, can be transferred to Search! as XML using the SOAP index webservice.

Link to your existing system

The authentication and authorisation module is linked to your existing system by means of a single web service. That means you do not have to multiple databases and you have exactly the same access rights in Search!

Addition of external database(s) and social media

With configuration files it is easy to add external search sources and social media.

Link to Extract!

You can obtain maximum results with the semantic search option if you also use our Extract! HR application. Additional information is then linked to your CVs or vacancies.

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