Textkernel Source

Talent Sourcing across multiple external databases


Our fastest, automated candidate sourcing tool ever

Textkernel Source enables recruiters to search across multiple external talent databases simultaneously from within their own ATS or CRM, and save relevant candidate profiles into their own database.

In short, Source will help you to:

  • Find hard-to-find talent in external sources, first
  • Save time by offering a seamless experience
  • Source more efficiently 

A single place to source across multiple databases

With a single search query, Source facilitates concurrent searches across multiple external candidate databases. Currently, over 25 global and national sources are included, such as CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster. We are continuously adding additional sources. Contact Textkernel to find out whether your sources are already supported.

Search results are aggregated in real time, all from within your own ATS/CRM and without the need to log in via every website separately. 


Be the first to contact hard-to-find talent

Never miss out. With Source, you can not only save your searches for later but also receive alerts when new candidates are found that match your query. 


Capture external candidates into your own database

Source automatically imports the chosen candidates into your ATS or CRM system. The CV/Resume is read and converted to database fields by Textkernel’s AI-powered CV/Resume Parser. Source also checks for duplicates against your own candidate database and subsequently provides the option to update the existing candidate record or create a new one.

The importing process happens in the background so that you can continue to source candidates. Source also shows whether and when a candidate was previously imported into your organization’s database.









Integration with your existing sourcing workflow

Source can be embedded into your ATS or CRM so that it fits seamlessly into your existing sourcing process. In combination with Textkernel’s Search & Match solution, you can even start sourcing from your own candidate database before searching in external sources.

Textkernel Source

Key Features

Smart query suggestions

Textkernel’s semantic search engine automatically suggests relevant terms and synonyms to be added to the query, which saves time when building the query.

Boolean query language support

To create advanced queries, you can use boolean operators (if supported by the external source).

Query fine-tuning per source

While you can start with a single query across all sources, Source allows you to adjust the query for every individual source. All filters that are specific to each source are available. This way you can fine-tune the query to give you exactly the results you need.

User Activity Reports

Administrators have the ability to download an Excel report containing usage statistics, per user and per source. You can use these reports to track ROI and to monitor or predict costs.

ROI Tracking

When saving a candidate into your own database, the source of the candidate is tracked so you know from where a candidate originated. Additionally, User Activity Reports give you insights in the usage per source.

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