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Textkernel's Skills API outperforms in competitive assessment

A Global Diversified Healthcare Organization

A global diversified science and technology company with business lines in healthcare, life sciences, and performance materials looking for a vendor to support with enriching a sample of employee profiles.
Number of employees globally: 50,000+
Annual revenue: €16 billion

The Challenge

Company A was looking to assess new AI technologies able to accurately, quickly, and systematically inventorize the skills encompassed by its workforce. The goal was to identify a technology that could create enriched profiles automatically and independently of individual input and without requiring continual maintenance.

Company A’s lack of in-house skills inventory was inhibiting its ability to quickly identify and match subject-matter experts to new strategic initiatives and business projects. Thus, it was unable to leverage a wealth of organizational knowledge in rolling out new business initiatives.

In previous skill-collecting projects, the skills of high potentials were collected and inventorized. The challenge for the HR department was in surfacing skills from individuals that were not already identified as leaders or high potentials by their managers.

As we hear from many of our global, enterprise customers, surfacing subject-matter experts and identifying niche skills and knowledge is difficult in organizations that have large and geographically-dispersed workforces.


For these companies, the inability to pinpoint required skills is impacting business growth in a number of significant ways:

1) The ability to capitalize quickly on new business ideas and growth opportunities.

Translating great ideas or smart insights into new business lines, operations and/or products requires input from subject matter experts. For company A, the inability to easily identify and match in-house expertise with new strategic business initiatives, meant that it was often easier to find external experts to weigh in or lead on new business ventures.

2) The ability to vet and assess the value of commercial partnerships.

A leader within the company’s Partnerships business complained that the largest portion of his time was spent in trying to identify in-house subject-matter experts to assess the business potential of various new opportunities.

3) The ability to perform personnel-related due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Understanding the expertise and intellectual assets captured via a merger and/or acquisition is a challenging endeavor, yet critical to properly assess the business potential of an organization.

The above-noted business challenges are in addition to common HR-related issues related to a lack of skills-based workforce insights including:


1) Matching new vacancies to existing employees

2) Success planning and identifying leadership potential

3) Understand the current benchmark of skill availability

All of which impact important HR KPIs such as the Cost Per Acquisition, Employee Satisfaction and Engagement, as well as Churn.

The Approach

Automate Skill Identification

In this project, Company A was looking to harness a new technology to help pre-populate employee’s files based on a variety of different document types. Different technologies would be applied to a subset of the employee workforce to determine

1) the comprehensiveness of the results returned,

2) the accuracy and

3) the ability to autosuggest or make conclusions based on information gathered and analyzed.

The goal was to identify a technology that could help to create a skills inventory based on numerous different document sources such as performance reviews, manager’s feedback, training certifications. Users were to be presented with the feedback and have the ability to simply confirm/decline suggested skills.


The Results of the Project

The results demonstrated that Textkernel’s Skills API provided excellent results around the ability to extract skills from employee documentation. Textkernel’s technology demonstrably exceeded other offerings in areas of

1) comprehensiveness of the profile created,

2) ability to suggest skills not previously specified by the candidate but relevant and

3) creating a holistic employee profile that an employee would be comfortable with as an accurate representation of their abilities.




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