Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing from Internal and External databases

Source and place best-fit talents faster

Talent sourcing remains the top challenge faced by staffing and recruiting agencies. With a shortage of ready-made talent, a sourcing strategy that finds the right candidates first is key to retaining business and winning new accounts.

Internal Sourcing through your database

Staffing and recruiting agencies often maintain substantial databases filled with thousands of applicants, but aren’t maximizing value through internal sourcing. These candidates are often overlooked due to unstructured data and a lack of good search capabilities. Textkernel parsing and semantic search solve this by structuring and enriching your database, allowing you to source in your ATS and find best-fit candidates you didn’t even know you had.

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Unlock valuable candidate data hidden in your system

“Our recruiters are now making use of the valuable data we have in our own systems, which is strong proof that the implementation of Textkernel’s technology is a success. On top of that: cleaner data allows us to do so much more and will help us with all kinds of other projects in the near future.” – Mikael Granberg, Group Operations Specialist, Academic Work

External sourcing through a single search

A single search can be run against multiple external sources, reducing time spent searching across different candidate sourcing tools. And, through seamless integration into your ATS, candidates are easily added to your workflow.

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Boost ROI on sourcing with Jobfeed

Are you getting the most out of your shortlisted candidates? Having placed your top candidate, Textkernel helps you match the rest of your shortlist to other internal vacancies, or against all direct employer jobs on the market through Jobfeed. This maximizes the return on your sourcing investment, ensuring you get the most out of every hour.

Get a full view of the labor market to grow your business

“Textkernel brings talents to us from different channels via two or three clicks. We’ve also launched Jobfeed across our EMEA platform which is opening up market vacancy opportunities that, historically, we were pretty much unaware of – allowing us to grow our business.” – Carolyn McKinnon, Head of Service UK & Ireland, Kelly Services

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