Unlock the value of your Bullhorn database

Unlock the value of your Bullhorn database

Get more out of Bullhorn with seamlessly integrated intelligent automation

Find the best matching candidates faster, identify job opportunities in the market and place every candidate you’ve ever sourced.

For those who might not know us, our customers include 7 of the top 10 largest global staffing firms who use our technology to make placements more efficiently with the best search and match solutions in the market.

Give your recruiters the tools needed to work more efficiently by:

  • Automating shortlisting and sourcing
  • Ramping up new recruiters faster
  • Giving time back to your recruiters so they can increase placement and redeployment ratios

And with Jobfeed in Bullhorn you’re able to fine new business even in economic downturn, and get the labor market insights you need for a data-driven company strategy!

Seamless Integration into Bullhorn

Textkernel’s Match! generates automatic searches from job descriptions or candidates’ resumes to provide a shortlist of the best matching candidates or jobs from your databases. Increase your ROI on sourcing by matching your silver-medal candidates to all direct employer jobs on the market. Jobfeed in Bullhorn collects and categorizes online job ads in a searchable, integrated interface. Identify interesting job opportunities to help you place all your candidates, and collect background information to help you close the deal faster.

Find new business opportunities directly in Bullhorn with Jobfeed

Now that the labor market turned on its head it might be difficult to find the right business opportunities – Jobfeed in Bullhorn is here to help. With Jobfeed you can turn millions of job postings into your business development dashboard. And with the latest update you can export leads directly into your Bullhorn Leads. So you can start working on them straight away!

Working with other Marketplace partners to streamline your workflow - Textkernel and Sense

Textkernel’s and Sense’s integration enables staffing professionals to source and match candidates and jobs more quickly and effectively, automating candidate outreach and engagement. The streamlined integration saves recruiters valuable time, increases placement activity, and ensures the most qualified candidates from Bullhorn are contacted with the right information.

The powerful combination of Textkernel’s advanced, AI-powered searching and matching technology and Sense’s candidate engagement software creates an efficient and effective workflow for staffing firms of any vertical or size.

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