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Become a Textkernel partner

Become a Textkernel partner

Empower your customers with market leading HR tech

In today’s market, superb customer experience and world-class service are key to growth and customer retention. To achieve these goals and actively support your customers, you need some answers. How can you help clients to drive smart, efficient business outcomes by optimizing the way they connect people and jobs?

Textkernel’s technology is designed to bring you those answers. It’s an AI powerhouse, which helps you to lead the market by giving clients the ultimate user experience.

Our technology is already integrated into many of the world’s leading ATS and HRIS systems. Globally, hundreds of organizations use it every day. Partnering with Textkernel makes it possible to grow the business without losing time and resources in expensive development work.

Your challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

It’s crucial to support rapidly changing customer needs, but the associated time, cost, and long development cycles are a growing burden.

You want to enter new markets at a faster rate and enjoy a higher possibility of success in those markets.

You need new offerings, which can generate revenue without exorbitant costs and uncertain investment outcomes.

You’re seeking new ways to really drive user adoption, while boosting customer satisfaction and retention efforts.

How AI-powered technology can help

Textkernel can help

Enhance your current offering to win customers and grow loyalty by integrating our proven, AI-powered technology. For over 19 years, we’ve used the latest in AI innovation to build practical solutions. Tap into this experience and bring your offering to the next level – without overwhelming investments or endless development work. Textkernel’s technology gives your product that cutting-edge, while you stay focused on driving business growth.

Our solutions

Transform your client's business

  1. Extremely accurate resume parsing

    empowers your customers to build a searchable talent pool and unlock the value of new and existing data.

  2. Semantic searching and matching technology

    Semantic searching and matching technology lets your customers match the right candidates to jobs – and vice versa – all in record time.

  3. Integrated labor market intelligence

    covers multiple countries to give your customers competitive insights and brand new leads.

  4. Continuously enriched skills taxonomy

    enables your customers to drive their business transformation, steer processes to close potential gaps, improve retention for highly demanded skill sets, and re-skill/up-skill future workforces.

  5. Multilingual

    With 23 languages and counting, whatever language is spoken in your customers’ markets, our technology has got it covered.

About us

Why Textkernel?

Our technology has been tried, tested, and proven by market leading software vendors all over the world. A long list of corporate organizations work with Textkernel, as do seven of the world’s top ten global staffing firms. Established in 2001, we still have strong ties to the academic community. Our connections in both academia and industry keep us up-to-date on the latest in R&D, while supporting our continuous improvement and innovation programs.


What's in it for you?

Reduced investment risk and huge time, budget and resource savings

Multiple product enhancements - all delivered via one partner relationship

Fast, smart, easy-to-integrate solutions that create a real business impact

The chance to drive user adoption rates and increase customer retention

Creation of new, enduring revenue streams within the current customer base

Brand-building opportunities from integrating a top AI solution into your product

Interested in finding out more?

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Textkernel’s technology, expertise and experience can drive the success of your organization, in a host of different ways.Find out how and take the next step with your product. Talk to one of our team today.