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Today offering an excellent customer experience and world class service is key to grow your business as well as retain happy customers. How do you help your customers connect people and jobs better and drive smart and efficient business outcomes?

Textkernel’s technology is integrated into many of the world’s leading ATS and HRIS systems and is being used on a daily basis by hundreds of companies across the globe. Embrace an AI powerhouse, giving your customers the best possible user experience and grow your business. All without the burden of having to invest time, budget and resources in extensive development work.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Are you looking for ways to support rapidly changing customer needs but without the burden of having to invest time, money and resources in long development cycles yourself?

Are you looking for new revenue generating offerings, without having to make big investments with uncertain outcomes?

Do you want to enter new markets quicker and with a high possibility of success?

Are you on the lookout for ways to drive user adoption and retain happy customers?

How we can help

Integrate proven AI-powered technology to enhance your current offering. Benefit from over 19 years of experience in bringing the latest in AI thinking to practical solutions. All without the burden of having to invest time, budget and resources in extensive development work, so you can focus on driving business growth.

About Textkernel

Our solutions

Extremely accurate resume parsing allows your customers to build a searchable talentpool and truly unlock the value of their new and existing data. Semantic searching and matching technology enables your customers to find the best matching candidates for their job, or the best matching jobs for their candidates, in less time. Integrated labor market intelligence across multiple countries enables your customers to gain competitive insights and find new leads.

By implementing our continuously enriched skills taxonomy you can empower your customers to drive business transformation, better steer processes to address potential gaps, improve retention efforts on highly demanded skill sets, and re-and upskill future workforces.

And no matter what language your customer speaks: with a coverage of 23 languages and counting, we’ve got you covered.

Why Textkernel?

We’ve been tried and tested by many market leading software vendors around the globe, as well as 7 out of the 10 top global staffing firms and many corporate organizations. We’ve been here since 2001 and keep strong ties with the academic community to ensure we’re updated to date on the latest R&D developments.


What's in it for you?

No need to invest time, budget and resources and no investment risk

One partner relation that covers multiple product enhancements

Our solutions are easy to integrate

Drive user adoption within your customer base and increase retention

Create new long lasting revenue streams within your current customer base

Improve your brand by having world class AI on board

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The possibilities are endless. We’re happy to discuss how this could work for your organization.