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Transforming Efficiency and Placement

How Randstad improves recruiting processes with Textkernel’s technology

Enable staffing agencies to achieve unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in navigating the challenges of the modern labor market.

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Summary. What’s in it for your business

Randstad Germany, a leading HR and staffing solutions provider, partnered with Textkernel to implement its AI-powered source and matching technology. Randstad can now effectively search across various sources, including resumes, social media profiles, and job boards, to identify and match suitable candidates with open positions. This has resulted in a significant reduction in time-to-hire and increased candidate satisfaction.

The Company

About Randstad Germany

With around 49,000 employees and a turnover of over 2 billion euros, Randstad is the leading personnel service provider in Germany. Randstad provides holistic HR and staffing solutions to blue chip multinationals and consulting firms, government and SMEs. Textkernel has long been an important technology partner of Randstad, helping the organization match the right talent to the right job, for both talent and clients.

Kathrin Starke, Expert Front Office Efficiency

“Having a tool that rapidly displays the best candidates is essential as candidate and applicant sources become more diverse.”

THE challenge

A competitive labor market

Recruitment managers in staffing companies grapple with numerous challenges in today’s labor market. The scarcity of skilled workers, shifting demographics, remote work, and increased labor market mobility necessitate smarter and faster strategies.
To navigate these complexities, having a reliable technology partner with a long-term vision is invaluable.


Long-term collaboration with Textkernel

For years, Randstad Germany has collaborated with Textkernel, forging a powerful alliance to pioneer breakthrough technological solutions and overcome industry challenges together.

This partnership enables Randstad to leverage Textkernel’s cutting-edge technologies, particularly the Automatic Pre Matching (APM) solution, which rapidly searches talent pools, delivering results in less than 0.1 seconds on average. This groundbreaking solution equips Randstad with the ability to place candidates faster, an impressive feat given their extensive database of vacancies and vast workforce demands.


Propelling Randstad recruitment capabilities to new heights

The TK Portal project aimed to enhance Randstad’s APM solution, unifying system landscapes, streamlining recruitment management, and enabling new use cases.

This project was driven by the evolving recruitment landscape, where remote work and increased mobility have expanded opportunities beyond geographical boundaries. Additionally, the digitization of internal databases has led to a data surge, necessitating additional technological support for recruiters to navigate effectively.

THE Result

The system is being utilized more than ever!

The outstanding results of the new matching environment speak for themselves:
“The system is being utilized more than ever. We now handle 10,000 search queries per week, resulting in approximately 5,300 successful matches per query. Our top users conduct 751 searches per month, potentially translating into 751 job placements.”
Kathrin Starke, Expert Front Office Efficiency, Randstad

analyst business data

Enhanced Communication: Real-time Email Alerts for Recruiters
1. Instantly notify recruiters of relevant candidate matches, ensuring no opportunities are missed.
2. Empower recruiters to respond promptly, maximizing efficiency and increasing successful placements.

Collaborative Excellence: Project-Based Task and Knowledge Sharing
1. Facilitate seamless collaboration among recruiters, enabling efficient sharing of tasks, insights, and expertise within projects.
2. Boost team productivity, coordination, and knowledge transfer, driving superior outcomes and streamlined workflows.


Time Optimization: Automation and Reduction of Administrative Tasks
Automate repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up recruiters’ time for high-value activities.
Streamline workflows, allowing recruiters to focus on client relationships and strategic initiatives, ultimately delivering greater value to their business.

Precision Matching: Enhanced Capabilities and Increased Usage Rates
Leverage advanced matching capabilities to swiftly and accurately identify ideal candidates, leading to improved placement success.
Increase usage rates of the technology, maximizing its value and impact on staffing agencies’ recruiting efforts.

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