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Finding candidates for challenging roles

Over the past 50 years, The Jacobson Group has been the leading provider of talent to the insurance industry, with services including executive search, professional recruiting, temporary staffing, and subject matter experts.

With over 500,000 exceptional talents in its internal database, The Jacobson Group was looking for an AI-powered search and match tool to help them get more out of their database, find and place talent faster, and avoid spending unnecessarily on external sources.

“Textkernel is my go-to for more technical positions where it is more difficult to find candidates, or when we need to find a larger set of people.”

The Jacobson Group Recruiter

Uncovering talent in your data

Even with an internal database of 500,000 talented candidates, The Jacobson Group often found themselves using external sources to find the talent they were looking for.

The company navigated their vast database through the Bullhorn application tracking system (ATS), but they wanted to find a way to access their candidate database in an easier and scalable way to propel the company forward.

A solution for large data volumes

In the ever-changing landscape of recruitment, AI has proven to be a game changer. The client decided to integrate Textkernel’s Source & Match technology with SAP SuccessFactors to clear our client’s data backlog and then navigate through their large data sets to recognize matches with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

Source & Match works seamlessly in more than 29 languages (with more to come). We also prioritize security and comply with ISO 27001 for data protection. And the solution integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactor to strengthen the talent acquisition team.

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Working smarter, not harder

In its first year, Textkernel in Bullhorn has proved to be a true game-changer, shaping 25.8% of placements. This success story embodies the Jacobson Group’s commitment to progress and innovation.

Textkernel’s solutions give recruiters a powerful tool to swiftly unearth top-tier talents for niche roles in a fiercely competitive market with the AI-powered semantic search system democratizing the search process, transforming users into adept power searchers who can make hard-to-find talent visible.

“While Jacobson has some experienced and effective Boolean users, semantic-based AI allows more users to be power searchers. It sounds clichéd, but Textkernel in Bullhorn is all about working smarter, not harder.”

Jennifer Shorr

Assistant Vice President of Operations, The Jacobson Group

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