How intelligent AI powered technology helped Otto Group improve their end to end recruitment process
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How intelligent AI powered technology helped Otto Group improve their end to end recruitment process

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Towards an innovative way of attracting and servicing candidates

Read more about how Textkernel’s intelligent AI-powered tech helped Otto Group improve their recruitment process below or click here to download the full customer case.

Otto Group

About Otto Group

The Otto Group is a globally active group of retailers and retail-related service providers with around 51,800 employees and sales of 13.7 billion euros. Through 123 major companies, it has a presence in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia. With online sales of 7.9 billion euros, the Otto Group is one of the world’s largest online retailers.

The Challenge

At Otto Group innovation means build highly professional teams, finding new answers in terms of technology and reinventing itself as a company are important drivers for success. Differentiating from the competition to attract and retain talent, especially in today’s tight labor market, is essential.

As a global online retailer Otto Group knows that servicing customers well is the key to success, and extending this mindset to the recruitment process could be the answer to modern recruitment challenges.

The company went on the hunt for a solution that could help them service their candidates as well as they service their customers, and make the full end-to-end recruitment process smarter.

The Goal

Enable a flawless and positive candidate experience to ultimately achieve a higher conversion rate on incoming applicants. Otto wanted to enhance the recruiter’s workflow by making active sourcing on their talent pool possible and allowing recruiters to match job requisitions to the talent pool, even before posting the job online.

Customer Quote

“We’re all very excited about Textkernel’s modern technology and see great potential for it in our recruiting process. And we’re not the only one. We’ve shown this to our subsidiaries and they are really interested. This is really going to help us move forward.” -
Sven Herrmann, Product Manager, Otto Group

The Solution

The power of semantics to better service candidates and recruiters

Otto Group made smart use of Textkernel’s technologies for document understanding as well as semantic searching and matching to enhance both the candidate and recruiter experience. The power of semantics enables candidates to get job recommendations based on their profile. This goes far beyond typing basic elements like a job title, keyword and/or location; the intelligent semantic technology truly understands the candidate’s profile and will give relevant recommendations. This means candidates in Otto group’s candidate pool can now easily find other opportunities within Otto Group, based on their skills and experience.

A structured talent pool for active sourcing and job pre-matching

At the same time, Textkernel’s document understanding technology helps Otto Group to build a valuable, structured talent pool. Beyond this, semantic searching and matching technologies allow recruiters to actively source the talent pool, finding the right candidates for their open roles. Pre-matching a job requisition directly against the talent pool to cut down on sourcing time and costs for the use of external cv databases is now also possible.

Reasons for investment

Implementing Textkernel’s AI-powered technologies into their recruitment system will enable Otto Group to improve both the candidate and recruiter experience across the entire recruitment process.

Positive and flawless candidate experience

Cutting down time
on sourcing

Pre-matching on talent pool directly from a job requisition

Positive recruiter experience

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