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Textkernel Expands into Candidate Engagement: A New Era of Recruitment Begins

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Elevating Talent Acquisition Through Candidate Engagement

In a significant move that will reshape the HR Tech landscape, Textkernel, a leading provider of AI-powered talent intelligence solutions, has announced the acquisition of Joboti, a pioneer in candidate engagement technology. This strategic combination brings together two industry experts, creating a powerful force in the recruitment space.

Textkernel’s expertise in skills classification and matching, coupled with Joboti’s innovative candidate engagement platform, will provide organizations with an unparalleled solution for talent acquisition and engagement. By leveraging the combined strengths of both companies, organizations will be able to:

Streamline the recruitment process: Textkernel’s AI-powered technology automates many of the time-consuming tasks involved in recruitment, such as resume parsing and candidate matching. This frees up HR professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Improve candidate engagement: Joboti’s engagement platform provides a personalized and interactive experience for candidates, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process. This can lead to shorter time to hire and improved candidate satisfaction.

Enhance diversity and inclusion efforts: Textkernel’s skills intelligence solutions help organizations identify and attract candidates from a wider range of backgrounds, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The acquisition of Joboti represents a significant step forward for Textkernel as the company continues to expand its reach and impact in the HR Tech industry. With its combined expertise and innovative solutions, Textkernel is well-positioned to help organizations of all sizes find and engage the best talent.

The Fusion of AI-Powered Talent Intelligence and Innovative Candidate Engagement

Textkernel’s AI-powered technology seamlessly automates the tedious yet crucial tasks involved in recruitment, such as resume parsing and candidate matching. This liberation of HR professionals from the shackles of mundane administrative tasks allows them to focus on more strategic initiatives, driving organizational growth and success.

Enhanced Candidate Engagement: Transforming a Passive Process into an Interactive Journey

Joboti’s engagement platform revolutionizes the candidate experience, transforming it from a passive process into an interactive and personalized journey. By keeping candidates informed, engaged, and valued throughout the recruitment process, Joboti minimizes friction and accelerates time to hire.

A Pivotal Moment in Textkernel’s Trajectory: Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition Strategies

The acquisition of Joboti marks a pivotal moment in Textkernel’s trajectory, solidifying its position as a leading innovator in the HR Tech industry. With its combined expertise and groundbreaking solutions, Textkernel is poised to revolutionize the way organizations approach talent acquisition, unlocking a world of possibilities for the future of work.

Embracing the Future of Talent Acquisition with Textkernel’s Candidate Engagement

As the HR Tech landscape continues to evolve, Textkernel and Joboti stand at the forefront of innovation, empowering organizations to navigate the ever-changing dynamics of talent acquisition. This strategic alliance marks the beginning of a new era in HR Tech, where AI-powered talent intelligence and innovative candidate engagement converge to redefine the way organizations find, engage, and attract top talent.


Textkernel is a global leader in providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology solutions to over 2,500 corporate and staffing organisations worldwide. Our expertise lies in delivering industry-leading multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labour market intelligence solutions to companies across multiple sectors.

With over two decades of industry experience, we are at the forefront of AI innovation and use our knowledge and expertise to create world-class technology solutions for our customers. At Textkernel, we are dedicated to translating the latest AI thinking into practical, effective tools that help our clients streamline their recruitment processes, improve candidate experiences, and achieve better business outcomes.

Media Contact: Chloe Shoobridge | shoobridge@textkernel.nl

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