Resume parsing for Oracle Recruiting

Resume parsing for Oracle Recruiting

Benefit from multilingual parsing with the highest level of accuracy for Oracle Recruiting

Give your candidates an improved experience and boost your candidate conversion rate with Textkernel’s proven job portal parsing solution.

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Simplify the application process

Your candidates will benefit from a dramatically simplified application process, while your recruitment team can expect faster candidate data processing with the only GDPR-compliant resume parser available on Oracle Recruiting.

Now candidates can apply for jobs faster, easier, and on any device. Textkernel’s resume parsing (or cv parsing) for Oracle Recruiting enables candidates using the Oracle Job Portal to upload their resume / CV in one click.

Deepen the talent pool with multi-language parsing

Extract! resume parsing is the first parsing software fully powered by Deep Learning and is superior due to its ability to return highly accurate results. And no matter what language your candidates speak, our technology can parse resumes quickly and effectively across 20 languages.

An increased conversion rate by +440%! Read our customer story

Powered by the latest advances in artificial intelligence, Textkernel’s multi-language parsing service extracts the relevant data from the applicant’s document and maps it to the Oracle CR candidate profile fields necessary to complete their profile. 

What you can expect from Textkernel’s resume parsing software

Our resume parsing software enables you to:

  • Improve the candidate experience
  • Increase conversion rates on your career site
  • Automatically build a structured, more recruiter-friendly talent database to surface more qualified candidates in the future.

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