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Salesforce Recruiting Just Got Better

The Textkernel Connector lets Salesforce users integrate AI-based semantic search and match capabilities into their Salesforce-based talent-acquisition flows. is the world’s leading CRM platform and one of the most innovative, flexible, and secure cloud platforms. More than 150.000 companies including ADP, Coca Cola, Randstad, KPN, KLM, PostNL, Philips, Renault, and L’Oréal, use it on a daily basis. The platform has over 2800 apps available in its AppExchange ecosystem. This includes apps for CRM, marketing, email, talent management and administration.

Increasingly, Salesforce customers are extending their Salesforce environment to become their Talent Acquisition platform of choice. This is possible by either integrating an AppExchange App or by developing a custom implementation. Salesforce customers now have the possibility to plug in the Textkernel Connector to integrate Textkernel’s industry-leading parsing, candidate search and match as well as labor market intelligence into their Salesforce-based talent application.

The benefits of integrating Textkernel’s Search and Match capabilities into your Salesforce environment include the ability to:

  • Surface more candidates from your search
  • Filter candidates based on a multitude of variables
  • Create reliable shortlists faster and more effectively

Textkernel’s Search and Match Helps Recruiters Easily Find the Most Relevant Candidates

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Textkernel can help improve your talent pool visibility, management and enrichment

Textkernel Extract! Delivers Highly Accurate, Fast And Multilingual Resume Parsing
Relieve your recruiting team of the data entry of candidate applications by leveraging the power of Textkernel’s parsing solution. Highly accurate, fast and available in 23 languages, Textkernel’s Extract! is an indispensable tool for any recruiting team looking to recruit top talent internationally.

Textkernel Match Helps You Surface More Relevant Candidates In Your Database
Find the best candidates without investing in job postings and other job media distribution channels. With Textkernel’s Match!, recruiters can search and find matching candidates based on their existing Talent Pool or Salesforce database profiles. Automatically, quickly and easily, recruiters can find candidates based on the requisition description itself and existing profiles, all while continuing to work seamlessly with your existing CRM environment.

Rank Incoming Applicants
Relieve your recruiters of the need to review, assess and rank hundreds of CVs with an automated, AI-powered candidate ranking solution. Our Search! solution uses applicant data to create searchable databases and provides your recruiters with a ranked applicant list that can be quickly and easily shared with hiring managers.

Match for Alternative Roles
Don’t lose great candidates that have either applied for roles for which they have not been pre-selected to interview or Silver medal candidates. You can now quickly and proactively identify alternative roles for candidates based on their application information within your Salesforce environment.

Formulate Tomorrow’s Talent Strategy Based on Accurate, Reliable Labor Market Data

With Textkernel’s labor market intelligence solution, your recruiting and talent management team have the latest labor market data directly at their fingertips. Now, you can better understand the skills that are highly in demand to inform your talent planning and candidate approach. Jobfeed! offers your recruiting team accurate, reliable and real-time labor market data for 10 markets across North America and Europe.

For Salesforce Administrators and Developers

The Textkernel Connector App is a toolkit that allows customers to quickly integrate Textkernel into Salesforce. The flexible framework offers the core integration functionality, allowing clients to focus their energy on optimizing their specific Salesforce workflows and customizations.

The Textkernel Connector provides:
1. A flexible data mapping tool
2. Data synchronization infrastructure
3. Easy single-sign-on (SSO) to Textkernel Portal to easily access Textkernel’s powerful Semantic Search and Match user interface
workflow integration framework (from Salesforce into TK Portal, and from TK Search results back to Salesforce)