How to optimize Salesforce for Talent Acquisition and recruitment

How to optimize Salesforce for Talent Acquisition and recruitment

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Faster and smarter recruiting within Salesforce

AI-enabled resume parsing, semantic search and match and labor market data seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce environment to boost your talent acquisition and recruitment.

Did you know that Salesforce customers are increasingly extending their Salesforce environment to become their primary talent acquisition and recruitment platform? Textkernel Connector gives Salesforce customers the tools they need to integrate Textkernel’s industry-leading CV / resume parsing, candidate search and matching, as well as labor market intelligence into their Salesforce-based ATS workflows.


With Textkernel for Salesforce you can:

  • Build a searchable candidate database with multilingual resume parsing
  • Discover the best candidates in your own database
  • Save time with automated ranking
  • Place all your candidates – match against open roles within your own organization or in the market
  • See which professions and skills are in high demand


“The ability to quickly search our database gives us an edge.” – Mark Smits, Salesforce Business Analysis Manager and Product Owner at Maandag®

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Improve your talent pool visibility, management and depth

Textkernel Extract! Delivers Fast and Multilingual Resume Parsing

Leverage the power of Textkernel’s CV / resume parsing solution and liberate your recruiting team from tedious candidate data entry. Accurate, fast and available in 23 languages and counting, Textkernel’s Extract! is an indispensable tool for any recruiting team searching worldwide for top talent.

Textkernel Match! Helps discover the best candidates in Your Database

Our semantic matching technology makes it easier and faster for recruiters to search and find matching candidates in your existing Salesforce database. Narrow down eligible candidates based on the requisition description and existing profiles, without investing in job postings or job search sites.

Automated Ranking of Incoming Applicants

Eliminate the task of reviewing, assessing and ranking hundreds of CV’s / resumes by applying an automated, AI-enabled candidate ranking solution instead. Our Search! solution uses applicant data to create searchable databases and provides your recruiters with a ranked applicant list that can be quickly and easily shared with your stakeholders.

Don't lose great candidates

Recapture qualified candidates that are already in your Salesforce environment. Both Silver medal candidates and candidates that have applied for roles for which they weren’t pre-selected for an interview may be ideal for alternative roles. Textkernel’s AI-enabled match capabilities quickly and proactively identify candidates for alternative roles based on their application information stored in Salesforce.

Frame Tomorrow’s Talent Strategy Using Reliable Labor Market Data

Get the latest labor market data with Jobfeed!, Textkernel’s labor market intelligence solution. Learn what skills are in high demand and use that knowledge to chart your talent planning and refine your candidate approach. Jobfeed! supplies your recruiting team with accurate, reliable and real-time labor market data for 10 markets across North America and Europe.

A toolkit to quickly configure and manage the core data integration

The Textkernel Connector app enables you to quickly build a custom integration between Textkernel and Salesforce. The app’s flexible framework offers core integration functionality, which frees up your developers to focus on optimizing your unique Salesforce workflow.

  • Easy and intuitive setup
  • Flexible data mapping tool
  • Data synchronisation structure
  • SSO (single-sign-on)
Textkernel AI solution
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