Textkernel for Talentsoft

Textkernel for Talentsoft

Make your HR agile with AI-powered matching that improves diversity, efficiency and business impact

Whether you’re looking to hire from external or internal sources, to attract, retain and grow a skilled workforce at an accelerated pace, you must be able, at any moment, to know the best match between people and jobs.

The power of Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment process

This is where the latest in AI-powered recruitment technology can help out. Textkernel Multilingual Match makes suggestions out of large volumes of data to help you anticipate and succeed in the Talent Management challenges of today.

Textkernel’s advanced matching technology integrated in your Talentsoft environment will help you:

  • Getting qualified cv’s with just the click of a button
  • Make internal mobility agile
  • Keep good candidates engaged and don’t let them get away!
  • Find the needle in the haystack
  • Enhance diversity by design

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