Textkernel delivers business value to The Jacobson Group without changing recruiter workflow
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Textkernel delivers business value to The Jacobson Group without changing recruiter workflow

Extract!, Search! & Match! in Bullhorn

Textkernel delivers business value to The Jacobson Group without changing recruiter workflow

The Jacobson Group is the leading provider of talent to the insurance industry, with services including executive search, professional recruiting, temporary staffing and subject matter experts. With a 50-year history and more than 500,000 candidates in its internal database, Jacobson was looking for an AI-powered search and match tool to help them get more out of their database, find and place talent faster, and avoid spending unnecessarily on external sources.

Small changes in workflow yield large results for recruiters

Textkernel enabled Jacobson recruiters to find more candidates faster without significantly changing their existing workflow. Beyond the revised search interfaces and ranking of results, Jacobson recruiters had access to all the regular Bullhorn actions such as tearsheets, notes, tasks and more. This seamless integration into Bullhorn (and the workflow used by recruiters) removed a barrier to user adoption, particularly with new recruiters who may not have extensive industry experience.


“One thing I’d tell others about Textkernel is it’s the evolution of working smarter, not harder.” – Jennifer Shorr, Assistant Vice President of Operations, The Jacobson Group

Customized semantic search understands what recruiters mean, not what they type

Even the smallest things can have a significant impact on how quickly recruiters are able to find top talent. An example would be how Textkernel’s semantic search helps recruiters find what they mean, not what they type. In this instance, Textkernel search knows when Jacobson recruiters search for “R”, they’re looking for candidates that have experience with specialized software used in the insurance field, rather than the letter R.

Saved searches pay off for recurring roles

Saved searches are another key Textkernel timesaving feature, offering the ability to define searches for specific roles. Superusers save Textkernel searches for hard-to-fill vacancies, like Actuaries. This means whenever anyone is added or updated to the system, they can get strong results specifically on those positions.


“Textkernel is my go-to for more technical positions where it will be more difficult to find candidates, or when we need to find a larger set of people.” – Jacobson Recruiter.

Unlock valuable data in recruiter notes

Jacobson’s recruiters are diligent in taking detailed notes about candidates and loading these into the Bullhorn system. These contain key information that may be relevant when looking to match a candidate with a hard-to-fill role, though this information may not be found on the candidate’s resume. Textkernel’s ability to semantically search these notes and bring up relevant candidates traditional keyword/Boolean search may miss helps super users find and place more of the candidates in their database.

Product spotlight - Textkernel in Bullhorn

The seamless integration of Textkernel with Bullhorn enables recruiters to find the best-matching candidates, faster. With semantic search, every recruiter can become a sourcing expert, finding talent in their database that was previously unseen. 

Our semantic search and match technology is used by 7 of the top 10 largest global staffing firms. It allows them to make placements faster and more efficiently, using the best search and match solutions in the market.

Give your recruiters the tools they need to optimize their workflow:

  • Automate shortlisting and sourcing
  • Use semantic search to ramp up new recruiters faster
  • Free them from “busy work” so they can refocus on the relationships that power your business

About Textkernel

Textkernel works with over 750 HR and staffing organizations worldwide to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to our customers’ fingertips. We work with large, global companies across multiple industries deliver multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions.

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