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Semantic search and intelligent automation to help you find and place the best candidates faster

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Create semantic searches that go beyond boolean to find top candidates faster

Recruiters are always in control. Our machine intelligence simply complements your human intelligence to help create shortlists of the best candidates faster. Textkernel search lets you:

  • Turn your 3 word search into a 60 term search including synonyms and related terms
  • Enrich Search Results with Bullhorn Data
  • Assign weight to your search terms to prioritze your must-have criteria
  • Leverage extensive taxonomies and Machine Learning to expand your searches

Kelly Services finds new candidates they haven't engaged with before

Textkernel brings candidates to us from different channels via two or three clicks. We’ve also launched Jobfeed across our EMEA platform which is opening up market vacancy opportunities that, historically, we were pretty much unaware of – allowing us to grow our business.

Carolyn McKinnon, Head of Service UK & Ireland, Kelly Services

Built to help you work more efficiently

Automate shortlisting with one-click Match

Generate automatic searches from job descriptions or candidate resumes to provide a shortlist of the best candidates or jobs from your database.

Boost your sourcing ROI

Made a placement but still have a great shortlist of candidates? Increase your ROI on sourcing by matching these silver-medal candidates to all direct employer jobs on the market.

Find new business with Jobfeed

Jobfeed turns millions of job postings into your business development dashboard. Find new companies hiring, then export them directly into your Bullhorn Leads.

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Labor market Intelligence

Understand the labor market through advanced analytics, identify demand in key focus areas and support your expert consultancy with big data.

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Access the entire online job market directly within Bullhorn

Connect the entire online job market to your daily workflow. With over 200 million current and historical job postings you can:

  • Match your shortlist to the entire direct-employer job market
  • Find new business leads in the markets/regions you cover
  • Access detailed labor market analytics without ever leaving Bullhorn
  • Discover company hiring trends, as well as job and skill data captured at the local level

$12,000 in placements within 3 weeks

We made our first placement, valued at $12,000, within 3 weeks; something we couldn’t have done without Jobfeed! The tool provides us valuable and up to date information about the labor market. It really allows us to be on the ball.

– Olfertjan Niemeijer, Independent recruiters

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