Transform your candidate experience to convert top talent

Transform your candidate experience to convert top talent

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Candidate Experience

AI is a crucial enabler of any optimized candidate experience

AI is mission-critical when it comes to candidate experience. Why? Because if you are like most enterprises receiving over 250 candidate applications per open requisition, then you need support in processing, assessing and right-channeling the candidate journey.

AI offers recruiting teams the ability to process high volumes of candidate information, while still ensuring that candidates feel that the application process is fluid, quick and easy.

Transform the candidate experience

Textkernel’s AI-powered recruitment automation tools help to dramatically transform the candidate experience by ensuring that common friction points are eliminated. Some of the ways that our tools can help include

Your business benefits from

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved candidate pipeline quality

Customer Quote

“After implementing Textkernel’s technology we’ve seen candidate conversion rate increase by up to 440%.
This decrease in abandoned applications is directly measurable and justifies our investment by itself.” -
Colas, Global Engineering Company with annual turnover of $16+ billion.

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