The mid-office platform for the staffing industry

Taking staffing productivity and user experience to the next level

The most user friendly customizable app and portal for onboarding, time capture, time interpretation, and business process automation. Enabling you to revolutionize staffing operations.

Empower your staffing operations

Easily configure towards your ideal processes

The platform streamlines onboarding, optimizes time registration, ensures compliance with relevant legislation, and automates various HR-related tasks, such as managing sick leave and provisioning materials.

Since its introduction, Textkernel’s Mid-Office Platform has been implemented at more than 250 staffing agencies and is currently available all across Europe.

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Streamlining mid-office tasks

The platform’s highly sophisticated configuration options empower users to customize and automate processes seamlessly, encompassing onboarding, compliance, verification, and data reconciliation, ensuring optimal functionality across all relevant operations.

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Pricing built for you

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Starting at


Easily process your hours digitally. Ideal for starting organizations.

  • Time Capture & Akyla app
  • Reports
  • Portal in own branding
  • Service by email
  • Multilingual – 27 languages (€)
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Starting at


For starting and medium-sized staffing organizations

  • Everything from Essential
  • Temp onboarding
  • Service by email and phone
  • Document Management
  • Digital signing


  • Travel expense claim
  • Automatic km calculation
  • Importing hours (€)
  • Time interpretation (€)
  • Mediators environment (€)
  • Back office integration (€)
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Starting at


A complete platform for staffing organizations. For medium to large staffing companies.

  • Everything from Professional
  • Temp onboarding
  • Reservations and leave registration
  • Custom interface (€)
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Starting at


Your own tailor-made platform. Suitable for enterprise level organizations.

  • Everything from Business
  • Own app – completely in your own style
  • Workflow automation
  • Labels – environment for every BV
  • Single Sign On


  • Engagement opportunities
  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA).
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Starting at

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Starting at

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Starting at

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Starting at

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From vision to reality

Solutions for staffing agencies

Staffing agencies

Replace manual processes with automated workflows, centralize your data for holistic insights, and ensure robust compliance measures.

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Got questions about our Mid-Office Platform? Check out our FAQ for basics or contact us for more in-depth technical info. We’re here to help if you need more answers.

Can we customize our own onboarding flow?

Yes, you have the freedom to craft your onboarding process to meet your exact needs.

Is there a limit to the number of onboarding flows we can create?

There are no limits. You can create as many onboarding flows as you need.

Can all stakeholders sign contracts digitally? If so, how does it work?

Yes, everyone involved can sign contracts digitally with a user-friendly code from the app or received by email. The code comes from One Span, an external partner.

How many languages is the onboarding available in?

Our portal is currently available in 27 languages for seamless communication.

Can we brand the platform with our own logo, colors, and fonts?

Yes, you can customize the look and feel of the platform.

What automatic notifications are sent out?

The platform automatically sends out an email push notification when an action is expected, for example, asking a temporary worker to register hours or a client to approve timesheets. In fact, clients can approve timesheets in the email itself, without the client even needing to log in.

Can you import hours from an Excel or CSV file?

Yes, we support multiple file formats for easy importing.

Can we integrate the platform with our applications?

Yes, we offer integrations with various back-office applications in the staffing industry.

How long does an implementation take?

Depending on the package and the needed integration, it takes an average of 8 weeks.

My workers register their hours per month not per week. Is that possible?

Sure. Hours can be registered every week, every month, or every 4 weeks.

Can my workers register hours against a project or cost center?

Yes, and you can add as many projects or cost centers as you need.

Can the platform interpret client compensation as well as Contract Labor Agreements (CLA)?

Yes. In our Time Interpretation solution, you can create a profile of yourself based on a standard CLA or customize it per client. And, you don’t need any technical skills to set up a profile within Time Interpretation.

Which CLA agreements do you support, and can any agreement be interpreted?

Our flexible Time Interpretation solution uses blocks to configure a profile, so a CLA agreement means putting the right blocks together. It’s also easy to add a new block and combine it with existing blocks.

Does the CLA interpreter ensure that the correct salary scale is applied?

Our Time Interpretation solution focuses on timesheets. In collaboration with XpertHR, we offer a separate solution that can be integrated into our onboarding for salary scale application.

Can Mid-Office Platform deal with normal and sleep shifts?

Yes, Mid-Office Platform is very flexible and is suitable for shift work, including sleep shifts, depending on the agreements that you made with the client.

Do my client and temporary worker have insight into the interpreted time sheet?

Yes, the time sheet is fully transparent.

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