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Improve parsing capabilities to over 2 million resumes

Long-term Partner success: Textkernel's parsing helps Harri grow

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Summary. What’s in it for your business?

Discover how Textkernel’s cutting-edge parsing technology transformed Harri, the leading hospitality recruiting platform. From handling 75,000 resumes initially, Harri skyrocketed its parsing capabilities to over 2 million – and that is expected to grow exponentially over the next two years. The seamless integration of Textkernel within Harri’s talent acquisition platform enables employers to find the candidates they need, saving thousands of hours spent screening and hiring candidates every year.

The Company

About Harri

New York-based Harri is an end-to-end enterprise resource planning platform for the hospitality industry, equipping enterprise businesses with the tools to build, manage and develop their teams from a single platform. A global firm with over 430 clients across the US, UK, and Europe, Harri is helping the world’s most recognizable brands strategically address labor-related challenges and drive business performance.

“Our relationship with Textkernel helps put us in a better place in the market. The functionality that they offer is table stakes for what we do. We wouldn’t be able to grow if we couldn’t get this one thing done really well. And they do it really well.”

Joe Miliziano

Chief Operating Officer, Harri

THE opportunity.

Textkernel’s Parsing: The foundation of Harri’s hiring success

Simply put, Harri is growing. Exponentially. And as they do, more Harri customers will be relying on the core parsing technology that is included in the product as the baseline for their hiring. In fact, resume parsing is a fundamental component of Harri’s complete staffing solution to ensure high-quality hiring at scale. Harri is one of Textkernel’s US customers with the most longevity, having relied on Textkernel for parsing since 2016. As their contract renewal neared, the company opted to take the opportunity to review the offerings of other products that compete with Textkernel’s parsing system, evaluating a series of new solutions. As Harri’s client-base grew, the number of resumes being reviewed was about to soar. The more resumes there are to evaluate, the more critical parsing becomes. Harri is moving into a more geographically dispersed market, including EMEA and the Asia Pacific region. In addition to geographic expansion, the company is expanding beyond supporting hotels and fine dining to serve more fast-food franchise markets. Fast-food, which sees 150% turnover every three months, requires fast, efficient, and reliable parsing to find the right workers in a very difficult job market.

The key to

Ai praising technology

https://harri.Com/ develops almost everything internally, with parsing and e-signature solutions being the exception. Therefore, the partner relationship developed for these offerings is as critical as the reliability and usability of the products they bring in. As employers rifle through hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications, harri’s application tracking system delivers what joe miliziano, chief operating officer at harri, calls ‘speedy screens.’ these speedy screens require the accuracy offered by textkernel’s parsing the real value, as harri sees it, is not in building the talent pool but in how you interact with those people. How well you perform is based on what you know about the applicants. And textkernel makes that knowledge fast and easy, which then made the choice to continue with Textkernel’s parsing solution simple as well.

Key factors

Recommitting to Textkernel

The relationship Working with Textkernel has been a positive thing, according to Miliziano, noting that from sales to support the team is “on top of things.”
Easy to integrate Essentially, connecting the Textkernel parsing option into Harri’s solution was simple and any small snags were addressed quickly.

Ease of dynamically passing data and getting it back quickly Textkernel has refined the process such that it is simply more efficient than other options.
Multilingual support for new markets across the globe Harri’s growth demands efficiency in hundreds of languages. Other companies do not offer the multilingual support that Textkernel does.
THE Result

Parsing over 2 million – and grow exponentially over the next two years

The seamless integration of Textkernel within Harri’s talent acquisition platform enables employers to find the candidates they need, saving thousands of hours spent screening and hiring candidates every year. With the ability to support hundreds of languages, the partnership has laid the groundwork for global growth and reliable support. At the beginning of their relationship with Textkernel, Harri was parsing approximately 75,000 resumes for hospitality clients. They are now parsing over 2 million – and that is expected to grow exponentially over the next two years. They point to the fact that Textkernel’s accuracy and speed has not wavered, even with Harri’s exponential growth.

analyst business data

“The quality of the parsing is hugely important. If we can’t parse, and do so well, it requires extra work for the manager. We’re committed to a great user experience, and to making hiring managers more efficient. Textkernel’s solution has never failed us.”

Joe Miliziano

Chief Operating Officer, Harri

“We’ve worked with Textkernel for some time now, and they’ve grown as we’ve grown. The amount of work we pass through continues to grow exponentially. The reliability of the product combined with our comfort of working together to make the decision easy. The support is there, and we know that Harri is seen as a priority. You can’t say that about other companies.”

Joe Miliziano

Chief Operating Officer, Harri

“We don’t run into hiccups with Textkernel, and they make it so easy that we just don’t have to think about the basic requirements. That’s important when volumes increase, and the tough job of hiring just keeps getting tougher.”

Joe Miliziano

Chief Operating Officer, Harri

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