How ARTS reduced manual work by 50% with Textkernel’s intelligent automation
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How ARTS reduced manual work by 50% with Textkernel's intelligent automation

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Application processing time cut in half -
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About ARTS

ARTS is an expert for industrial engineering, technology consulting and HR services. Over 500 technical and business specialists at five locations and over 25 projects sites work for ARTS to turn customers’ visions into reality.

The Challenge

High volume of applications meant manual work was not scalable

ARTS faced a challenge of scalability. With 1000+ job applications per month, the company was looking for a system to automate the parsing of candidate resumes and reduce the manual work required to process their applications. ARTS decided to leverage Textkernel’s expertise in automated resume parsing and replaced their own self-developed matching system with Textkernel’s AI-powered technology. Read how ARTS improved internal sourcing with semantic search and match here.

The Approach

Automate resume parsing and improve the candidate experience

Textkernel’s Extract! resume parsing, as well as the candidate-facing Apply-with widget, were integrated into ARTS’ recruitment workflow.

Extract! automated the parsing of resumes to reduce the manual time spent capturing candidate details. In addition to speeding up the process of creating a candidate profile, Extract! automatically enriches the profile with additional details to provide for optimum searching and matching.

Meanwhile, the Apply-with widget allowed their candidates to complete an online application in seconds from PC or mobile by simply uploading a resume from a device or the cloud.

Customer Quote

“It’s senseless to dedicate a lot of time to manually processing applicant data when you should be communicating with, and nurturing, candidates. Textkernel’s technology has allowed us to process applications at scale far quicker than previously, while at the same time providing candidates with a more personal, human experience.” - Tom Pohling, HR Manager at ARTS

The Result

ARTS can now scale to process significantly more applications per month. After implementing Textkernel’s Extract! resume parsing ARTS has seen their processing time reduced by up to 50%, making it easier and faster to load applicants into their system.

  1. ARTS reduced manual work done by recruiters by up to 50%

  2. It's now easier to load new applicants into their system

  3. A better candidate experience means more people can easily apply without filling out extensive online forms

“Like working as one team” with ARTS and specialist integrator manaTec

ARTS has been working closely together with manaTec – an integration partner for the ERP system Odoo – to integrate their CRM, project management and recruiting processes into one Odoo system, and combine it through automated methods with the job portal website from ARTS. This project was a step forward towards digitalization and modern processes which required extensive work and resources from three different companies.


“The project management from Textkernel’s side was very good; well-structured with weekly meetings. They reacted quickly and any questions were answered within minutes. It was like working together as one team.” – Tom Pohling, HR Manager at ARTS


“The project was done in full cooperation between Textkernel and manaTec with good, high-quality communication. Based on this positive experience we’d definitely look forward to working together in the future.” – Robert Duckstein, Managing Director manaTec


“The project with ARTS and manaTec had a great, cooperative atmosphere made even better by particularly good communication. Everyone we worked with was friendly and dependable which really helped us tackle challenges as one team.” – Doris Hoogeveen, Technical Consultant at Textkernel

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