How ENGIE Benelux armed its talent recruiters to deliver on Mission Impossible: speed up hiring in a saturated technical employment market

How ENGIE Benelux armed its talent recruiters to deliver on Mission Impossible: speed up hiring in a saturated technical employment market


Bringing AI-power To A Streamlined HR Team

Read more about how Textkernel empowered ENGIE’s talent shift below or click here to download the customer case.

ENGIE Benelux


ENGIE is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services with an annual turnover of €60.6 billion. In response to the urgency of climate change, ENGIE has chosen to embark on a new strategic journey to become a world leader in zero-carbon transition. ENGIE strategic goals amplify their need for highly qualified personnel.

The Challenge

Recently, ENGIE Benelux noticed a drop in incoming CVs and lower hiring rates – from 9% to 6.5% – after a period of successfully hiring more than 700 new staff every year. This observable drop occurred despite the use and attempted optimization of multiple tools and channels, including niche job-boards, LinkedIn, headhunters and detachment agencies, campus campaigns, advertising in specialized media and sms-campaigns.

Based on an assessment of labor market demand and candidate availability, web traffic and other research, ENGIE Benelux realized it had to drastically change its Recruitment strategy to be able to successfully fill its more than 1,300 open vacancies.

ENGIE Benelux approached Textkernel for help with two challenges:

  1. to ensure that talented candidates are engaged and channeled into one of many open vacancies;
  2. to arm talent recruiters with technology that would help them surface as many candidates as possible within their networks.

How Textkernel Empowered ENGIE’s Talent Shift

Textkernel’s AI-powered recruitment technology optimizes the career site experience to engage candidates and improves the number of surfaced candidates to recruiters within the Oracle Taleo environment.

The Goal

Engaging ENGIE Candidates

In the past, the candidate journey often ended when a candidate was not selected for an interview or offered a job. Now, candidates are engaged in an ongoing conversation with ENGIE that does not stop with a hard dead-end after exploring one possible role, but offers alternative matching roles. This is helping ENGIE retain interested candidates in its talent pipelines and ensure that its candidate pool remains large.

The Result

By integrating Textkernel’s semantic search technology into ENGIE’s existing Oracle Taleo environment, ENGIE was able to dramatically improve  in-house sourcing and recruiting capabilities. This is critical, especially when your team is on a Mission Impossible!

Through close collaboration, Textkernel created an enriched taxonomy that was tailored to ENGIE’s needs. This leads to improvements in the accuracy of their search results based on a semantic search that includes their own corporate keywords.

Based on initial assessments, integrating Textkernel’s semantic search technology into Oracle Taleo can help surface 5x more skills in CVs than without. Based on these overwhelming positive results, recruiters can now search their own databases before even posting a job ad.

Customer Quote

„For us, Textkernel’s technology is a way to do things differently and make our recruitment future-proof. We can find the right talent in less time and are two steps ahead of the competition. We have only started and it’s already adding value.” - Frédéric Verkaeren HRIS Solutions Manager at ENGIE Belgium

The HR team benefits in a multitude of important ways:

  1. Potentially save budget on media spend to promote vacancies

  2. Surface more candidates that exist already in your talent pool and reduce the time-to-place

  3. Improve its internal standing with hiring managers by responding to their requests faster

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