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Office for National Statistics Chooses Textkernel to Enhance Data-Driven Insights on UK Labour Markets

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Amsterdam, Netherlands – Textkernel, a global leader in AI-powered recruitment and labor market intelligence technology, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics. ONS, the recognised national statistical institute, is responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population, and society at various levels.

After a highly competitive public tender process, Textkernel has been chosen as the vendor of choice and will provide ONS with labor market data from their labor market insights technology, enabling the extraction of valuable and evidence-based insights. As stated in the public tender, The Office for National Statistics wanted a comprehensive set of outputs for detailed analysis of local labor markets within the UK, including job occupations and skills in demand. Additionally, the Department for Education, and the Unit for Future Skills within it will review educational requirements, apprenticeships, and training schemes based on companies’ requests.

Textkernel’s solution will deliver weekly data feeds dating back to 2017, allowing ONS to ingest and utilise the market data for various reporting purposes. The data will be mapped to geo-focused boundaries such as UK local authorities and Travel To Work Area (TTWA). 

Gerard Mulder, CEO of Textkernel
Gerard Mulder

CEO of Textkernel

“We are proud to support the Office for National Statistics in their mission to provide real-time, accurate and reliable statistical labor market data that influence critical decisions. By entrusting Textkernel with their online job market insights needs, the ONS validates Textkernel’s expertise, quality, and capability to deliver recruitment and HR solutions of the highest standard.”

Textkernel is renowned for its AI-powered recruitment and HR technology solutions, serving over 2,500 staffing and government organisations, corporate and commercial entities, software vendors, and statistical bureaus worldwide. With expertise in multilingual parsing, semantic search, skill and profession taxonomies, labor market intelligence, automated candidate engagement, and a mid-office solution for staffing companies, Textkernel empowers recruiters to build diverse teams, minimise biases, and enhance connections between people and jobs. Their tailored modular solutions and ongoing support enable clients to achieve their recruitment goals while reducing costs.

About Textkernel

Textkernel is a global leader in providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology solutions to over 2,500 corporate and staffing organisations worldwide. Our expertise lies in delivering industry-leading multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions to companies across multiple sectors.

With over two decades of industry experience, we are at the forefront of AI innovation and use our knowledge and expertise to create world-class technology solutions for our customers. At Textkernel, we are dedicated to translating the latest AI thinking into practical, effective tools that help our clients streamline their recruitment processes, improve candidate experiences, and achieve better business outcomes.

Media Contact: Chloe Shoobridge | shoobridge@textkernel.nl

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