Accelerate your talent acquisition

Accelerate your talent acquisition

Looking to convert more candidates by eliminating long and complex registration processes?

We can help!

Our Quick Apply for SAP SuccessFactors gives you the ability to dramatically reduce the number of steps and time required to apply.

Now, candidates have the ability to:

✓ Upload a cloud-based CV that they have previously prepared
✓ Link to a professional online profile on channels as Linkedin, Xing etc.
✓ By-pass the SAP SuccessFactors registration process
✓ Apply to a job posted on your recruitment site in one click

And your HR team benefits from:

✓ Improved efficiency by eliminating manual CV data entry
✓ Save time by automated data capture directly into your SAP SuccessFactors environment
✓ More candidates that apply for your roles!

Learn from another customer

Or learn how dm, a global German-based retailer with annual revenue of over €10 billion, was able to increase the number of candidates that completed their online application process.