Business Development

Business Development

Sharpen your client acquisition strategy

Today’s labor market moves fast. Recruiters must hone in on the right opportunities and quickly convert them into revenue. That’s a challenge when massive amounts of time are spent searching for profitable clients and suitable placements.

Textkernel’s Jobfeed changes the game by simplifying business development and placement. This smart tool lets the data do the heavy lifting, freeing recruiters from the endless search. With Jobfeed it’s easy to target new customers, offer candidates relevant opportunities, and even tap into market trends. It’s the key to being on the pulse of the labor market and boosting fill rates to completely new levels.

Semantic search and talent sourcing

Turn millions of job postings into your business development dashboard

Jobfeed works by uniting multiple information streams into one user-friendly database. It transforms millions of job postings into actionable information, and places that information at recruiters’ fingertips. By empowering your recruitment team with the right insights, they can focus on driving the business forward, turn candidates into placements and make opportunities into revenue.

Independent recruiters

We made our first placement, valued at 12,000€, within 3 weeks; something we couldn’t have done without Jobfeed! The tool provides us very valuable and up to date information about the labor market. It really allows us to be on the ball.

– Olfertjan Niemeijer (Independent recruiters)

Make every connection count

Jobfeed is flexible, intuitive and designed to make every contact count for your business. By helping to target your efforts, Jobfeed puts you firmly in control of ROI.

  • Find lucrative new clients, and know how to win their business
  • Tap into multiple years of historical data on hiring trends, seasonality, or demand for jobs and skills in your sector
  • Approach every potential new client with a deep understanding of their needs
  • Transform the data search with enriched data to find exactly what you need – advanced filtering on industry, posting organization, date etc
  • Refine your search with suggested keywords and synonyms
  • Gain competitive insight by analyzing when, where and how your competitors post jobs
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