How dm improved both Candidate and Recruiter Experience by enabling one-click applications in SAP SuccessFactors
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How dm improved both Candidate and Recruiter Experience by enabling one-click applications in SAP SuccessFactors

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With more than 61,000 employees across 13 European countries, dm is one of the largest drugstore companies in Europe. Read more about how dm improved both candidate and recruiter experience below or click here to download the customer case.

The Challenge

In order to attract highly qualified talents companies have to offer fast and easy application process with a focus on mobile career sites and applications. dm has identified this potential and is taking advantage of it by establishing an easy application process that did not require candidates to register or complete long forms.

The Solution

dm implemented Textkernel’s Quick Apply for SAP SuccessFactors to solve this problem. Applicants can now submit their relevant resume data quickly and easily without having to register beforehand, similar to ordering in online shops with a guest account. The new process complements the SAP standard and was developed by Textkernel in cooperation with the German IT consultancy for SAP cloud solutions, projekt0708. Quick Apply is also available in the SAP App Center.

The Result

Applicants can now upload their resume from their smartphone, directly from the cloud or even with their XING / social profiles. “Thanks to Textkernel’s semantic technologies Quick Apply extracts all required data and automatically stores it in the respective form fields of the recruiting system,” says Janine Fleck, Inhouse Consultant E-Recruiting at dmTECH. Time-consuming manual data entry is no longer necessary; a short final check of the data is all that’s needed before the candidate is in the system.

A positive side effect of the new application process is that the number of email applications trying to bypass the standard procedure has decreased, with applicants finding the one-click application more convenient. Additionally, HR managers at dm can use an internal Quick Apply to load manual email applications into the system, gaining easy access to even more candidates.

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Customer Quote

“We can now provide a quick application option that can be used at any time and anywhere via mobile devices - without registration and with minimal effort for candidates.” -
Amelie Schiborr, E-Recruiting Talent Acquisition, dm

More Solutions for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Textkernel and projekt0708 offer further solutions for SAP SuccessFactors with AI-powered searching and matching.

These tools automatically list the best matching candidates for a job advertisement and rank them by relevance, helping you find and place the best talent quicker.

Search! and Match! also unlock the value of internal databases and social profiles by pre-matching your jobs against the talent you already have before posting ads. And, by matching the second-best candidates with other vacancies in the company, recruiters can fill more vacancies in less time.

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