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Staffing agencies are on a mission to source and place top talent faster, engage with their database and be the effective bridge between candidates and employers.

For over twenty years, Textkernel worked with industry leaders to build AI-powered solutions that enable the world’s leading agencies to understand, connect and analyze people and jobs

  • Understand the talent in your database through a holistic candidate profile.
  • Connect skilled talent with employers faster through ranking and shortlisting the best matching candidates.
  • Analyze over a decade of labor market intelligence to ensure you understand the full market picture beyond your own data.

Our semantic search technology unlocks the value of your candidate database, allowing recruiters to make placements faster than ever.

Our machine intelligence complements your team’s human intelligence to bring people and jobs together.

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Matching processes are significantly accelerated. We can now match and recommend candidates with one click to a suitable vacancy – and vice versa! – Stephan Reiche



“Our recruiters have a user-friendly interface and can find and match
relevant candidates in our database. We have already arranged new
placements to the fullest satisfaction of our customers that we would
not have identified otherwise.” – Alexandre Grasset, Senior Project Manager at Manpower

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“Textkernel brings candidates to us from different channels via two or three clicks. We’ve also launched Jobfeed across our EMEA platform which is opening up market vacancy opportunities that, historically, we were pretty much unaware of – allowing us to grow our business.” – Carolyn McKinnon, Head of Service UK & Ireland, Kelly Services

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Do these challenges seem familar?

Textkernel’s multilingual CV parsing software and its semantic search, sourcing, matching and lead generation tools will transform the way you’re doing business and help grow your business exponentially.

  1. Internal and External talent sourcing

    Talent sourcing remains the top challenge faced by staffing and recruiting agencies. With a shortage of ready-made talent, a sourcing strategy that finds the right candidates first is key to retaining business and winning new accounts.

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  2. Lead generation for staffing and recruiting companies

    Turn millions of job postings into your business development dashboard with Jobfeed! Over 1 billion current and historic job postings from 200,000+ sites in one central tool that delivers the highest quality leads of companies still hiring delivered to your inbox.

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  3. Accelerate the match between candidate and jobs

    In today's candidate driven market finding the best candidate first is vital. However, it can be extremely hard to surface a short list of good candidates quickly.

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  4. Business Development

    Today’s labor market moves fast. Recruiters must hone in on the right opportunities and quickly convert them into revenue. That’s a challenge when massive amounts of time are spent searching for profitable clients and suitable placements.

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  5. Job Matching

    With Match! you can automatically search with your job vacancy text for suitable candidates in your CV databases, but also in job boards and social media.

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  6. Candidate Matching

    Textkernel can directly match a profile (from your resume database, job board or social media) to both your own jobs and all online jobs in the Netherlands, Germany and France with our product Jobfeed.

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  7. Outplacement & redeployment agencies

    The reality of today’s quickly evolving labor market is that employees can often find themselves redundant. Strategic shifts, market downturns, or organizational changes can leave even the most talented and skilled employees without employment.

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  8. Efficient recruiting with enriched talent data

    Data Enrichment APIs help you standardize and enrich your job and skill data, making it better suited to your needs around searching, matching and analytics

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