Textkernel for outplacement & redeployment

Textkernel for outplacement & redeployment

Quickly and easily match your candidates to real-time open vacancies.

The reality of today’s quickly evolving labor market is that employees can often find themselves redundant. Strategic shifts, market downturns, or organizational changes can leave even the most talented and skilled employees without employment. Companies looking for outplacement services should consider what they can achieve in-house using Jobfeed by Textkernel.

The Textkernel Solution

We offer corporate employers or outplacement and redeployment agencies the ability to automate the job search for large volumes of candidates. Gone are the days when you needed to manually process candidate documents and then search for suitable vacancies candidate-by-candidate.

Now, you can upload a candidate’s application document and our matching engine will offer a list of suitable, relevant and open job vacancies that correspond with your candidate’s profile such as work experience, education, seniority, etc. Additionally, we offer the ability to automate this process and include alert features so you and your candidates are continually updated with real-time job information.

The largest searchable job database for outplacement, competitive insight, talent planning and labor market analytics.

Over 200 million current and historic job postings from 70,000+ sites in one central tool.

  • Save time per employee; setup automated alerts for searches across thousands of site
  • Back up your talent management decision making with data
  • Boost your corporate image as a socially responsible employer helping employees find their next job
  • Motivate employees by surfacing job market prospects
  • Save significant cost on outplacement, and severance payments

The outcome

Great job-candidate matchesthat can dramatically improve your outplacement with the least amount of effort.

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