Optimize Your Career Site For Better Results

Optimize Your Career Site For Better Results

How are you leveraging this powerful tool in your recruitment arsenal?

You are probably aware that your career site offers your organization the ability to achieve multiple important communication objectives in one interface, including

  1. Communicate your employer brand and vision,
  2. Support a positive candidate experience,
  3. Allow skilled professionals to connect to available vacancies within your organization.

Did you know that by integrating AI technology into your careers site, you can relieve your HR team of data entry and candidate processing that will enable them to spend more time building relationships with the talent you need?

AI technology can be embedded in your careers site to:

  1. Ensure that skilled professionals are matched with more relevant roles based on their skill set and expertise

  2. Enable alerts when candidates with business critical or hard-to-find skill sets submit their application to quicken response time by recruiters

  3. Support diversity and inclusion initiatives by providing shortlists based on skills and less on subjective assessment

  4. Enable engagement and candidate nurturing flows based on candidate segment, skill set, seniority level, etc

  5. Support a better recruiter experience by ensuring that their work is optimized by technology that allows them to right-channel candidates

The business benefits include

  • Faster time to hire
  • More diverse candidates shortlisted for open positions
  • Improved candidate pipeline quality
  • More time for recruiters to build better relationships with candidates (hint: something AI cannot replace!)

We delivered a best-in-class, AI-powered Career Portal Matching capability to Rheinmetall, a global, German-headquartered engineering firm that is a close partner of the automotive and defense industry. Learn more.

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