Data Reprocessing

Data Reprocessing

You’ve spent a sizable amount of budget to build and grow your employer brand. You’ve attracted and converted scores of high potential, ambitious candidates.

So why would you leave those applications to age in your database?

Sadly for many organizations globally, this is a reality. Mountains of candidate applications are not readily searchable or available in a format that your recruiting team can easily leverage.

And so the cycle of posting for roles which you have previously sourced, scanned and vetted good candidates continues.

Textkernel’s parsing and data reprocessing supports recruiting teams that are looking to ensure that the candidate data that they collect is actionable.

Our parsing solutions help you automate the data processing of candidate data. And our data re-processing can ensure that your existing candidate database is up-to-date and enriched with additional data including skills, professions, and other pertinent information.

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