Diversity and AI

Reducing Bias to increase Diversity in the hiring process with the support of AI

Organizations around the world increasingly understand that having a diverse workforce is not just a ‘nice to have’.

Diversity drives economic growth, consumer preference, and helps to recruit a more qualified workforce. Diversity also reduces employee turnover and fosters innovation internally.

AI has the potential to support organizations looking to mitigate bias in recruitment, talent management and candidate attraction processes.

A diverse workforce is now a business imperative!

Reduce implicit bias via AI-based understanding

At Textkernel, we work hard and constantly to reduce implicit bias with the support of AI. Two of the reasons being:

AI has no time constraints

  • Size of CV no longer matters
  • No important information is lost
  • Implicit information (e.g. years of experience, international/leadership experience, entrepreneurship, etc)

AI can reduce opportunity for bias

  • Detecting and hiding discriminatory attributes (e.g. age, name, profile photo, etc)
  • Detecting and hiding attributes that reinforce biases (e.g. schools, location, etc)
  • Identify discriminatory phrases in job ads and offer alternatives

Furthermore in many ways we work on increasing D&I through:

Semantic understanding (e.g. normalizing professions)

Uniform profiles

Enriching talent & job profiles from other data sources

Reach diverse set of candidates through Semantic Search

Unbiased, assisted matching

Reviewing matches better and faster

Empowering recruiters with knowledge

Transferable skills and upskilling

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