High Volume Candidate Processing

High Volume Candidate Processing

Textkernel customers are united in their challenge to effectively and accurately automate high volume candidate information processing.

The average open vacancy receives 250 applications.

Top employers take in and process more than 1 million applications per year.

For many corporate recruiting teams, the number of communication channels has multiplied while the number of recruiters has either remained stable or decreased. Additionally, new technology is making it easier for candidates around the world to submit their applications with a single click.

Textkernel supports the efforts of even the most streamlined HR team by dramatically reducing the amount of manual data entry and processing required by recruiters. So your team can focus on the most important element of their role:  candidate care. 

AI does the heavy lifting, while recruiters are able to give a personal touch to candidates that you don’t want to lose.

Additionally, Textkernel’s solutions cover multiple languages, so you can accept, process and shortlist candidates globally. For example, our document parsing offering covers 23 languages and counting. Find out which languages we cover currently.

Because enterprises are competing today for talent on a global scale. So why should your document processing be restricted to English only?

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