Offboarding and exit management

Offboarding and exit management

Offboarding Employees And Ensuring a Smooth Transition To Their Next Career Opportunity with AI-Powered Technology

Offboarding employees no longer required by the organization is often a difficult and painful experience – both for the employee and the HR organization. And yet, in today’s rapidly changing competitive landscape, a common stage of employee lifecycle within a company.

HR leaders that recognize that there is an opportunity to play a more significant and positive role in the offboarding experience of their employees can help make the experience more pleasant for all parties involved.

What Is Offboarding?

Offboarding, or exit management, encompassess various processes designed to support employees that have been made redundant by the company. This might include helping employees better understand the external labor market opportunities and easing the application process for them.

Textkernel Supports Organizations In Need of Offboarding Support

Textkernel’s portfolio of AI-powered tools can help ease the employee experience of identifying new potential work opportunities through a combination of services that can be combined in a unique ‘offboarding portal’ including:

  • Faster upload of their application documents through our one-click application process. Now your employees can upload their application documents in a fast and easy process;
  • Effortless matching their skills and experiences to all available external roles in other companies, so employees have better insight into where their talents and skills can be applied;
  • Stay connected to the labor market with alerts and other proactive notifications based on an array of criteria that will provide employees with daily updates of relevant job vacancies that have come available.

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