Optimize Your HR Processes

Streamline and power HR processes

Your challenge and goal

Quickly and effectively deliver high quality candidates (unicorns?) to hiring managers. Placing quality candidates into roles often requires more heavy-lifting than is generally visible to your most important internal stakeholders. Many HR teams struggle with ever increasing mountains of applicant data that needs to be assessed against ever longer requirement ‘wish-lists’ and working within ever tighter data security guidelines.

Our solution

Advanced semantic search technology can help arm recruitment teams with domain expertise often required to

  1. quickly zero in on the most promising candidates
  2. develop a shortlist of suitable candidates, and
  3. allow your recruiters to focus on the value only they can bring – sell your employer brand to the prospective candidate.

Your possible outcome

  1. Dramatically shortened time-to-hire and reduced talent acquisition costs by quickly and easily identifying talent before posting roles on media sites and reducing HR budget spent on job boards and other job media sites
  2. The ability to re-focus your recruitment team on candidates that matter, and on workflow steps that actually impact pipeline speed (ie candidate follow-up, in-person contact points, etc)
  3. More empowered and satisfied in-house recruitment team.


Our Integrations

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