Enable internal mobility

How to enable an internal skills economy through AI technology

Enabling an internal skills economy through AI technology is vital to your HR talent strategy and the #futureofwork

Several trends are impacting organizations today that are changing the fundamentals of how organizations recruit staff with the right talent to remain competitive. These challenges include:

  • the talent shortage impacting the success and costs of external hiring,
  • high employee disengagement reducing productivity, and
  • digital disruption that is rapidly changing the competitive landscape.

How semantic search and match work

How Textkernel's AI-powered solution powers Internal Mobility

Textkernel develops AI-powered solutions that support organizations in developing the technological backbone necessary to empower internal mobility. Our offering allows organizations to quickly build an easily searchable database of skills and competencies, enabling employees to quickly upload their application documents and pinpoint opportunities that match their profile data. Employees can now easily and proactively keep abreast of new roles and projects that are possibly of interest and submit their applicants in one-click.

With more up-to-date internal employee data, recruiters can quickly and easily assess new requisitions against internal supply to determine if external sourcing is actually a necessity.

The benefit?

  1. More internal movement of talent,
  2. higher employee satisfaction and
  3. dramatically lowered cost-to-hire and time-to-hire.
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