Employer branding and a customer friendly job application process

Employer branding is a hot topic. Companies invest a lot of time and money in positioning their company as an attractive brand to work at. Special ‘Working at’ -sites and brands are created. But still often forgotten, is the customer friendliness of the application process.

Applicants put effort into creating a resume and cover letter. The last thing they want is to have to spend extra time filling in information on the website, which is already available in the CV. This can actually undo the entire investment in the employer brand.

Recruiters struggle with the dilemma between collecting as much information as possible from the applicant and keeping the job application process accessible. CV parsing software solves this dilemma. During the application process, an applicant only needs to upload the resume. Manual data entry is no longer necessary. The software recognizes all information from the CV and places it in the appropriate fields in the job application. The applicant only needs to check the information and can send his / her application. The CV parsing software increases conversion on the website and provides valuable structured information to recruiters.

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