Nétive is the first VMS supplier to integrate semantic technology by Textkernel


Rijswijk 4 December 2014

The high quality CV parsing, as well as the search and matching technology of Textkernel, has been fully integrated into Nétive VMS Force 2, Nétive’s Vendor Management System, to faster meet the demand for labour. This makes Nétive the first VMS supplier to offer integrated semantic technology by Textkernel.

Logo-Netive-130-X-90After an intensive period of exploring each other’s products and services, Nétive and Textkernel decided to join forces by fully integrating Textkernel’s CV parsing and semantic search and matching components into Nétive VMS Force 2. With this collaboration, Nétive allows its users to work faster and more effectively, and faster meet the demand for labour.

The CV parsing module Extract! is used to simplify and automate the creation of candidate profiles and keeping them up-to-date. Simply put, this means that a freelancer or supplier registers and uploads a CV, after which all CV data is immediately stored in the right fields and directly made searchable. This saves Nétive users a lot of time and effort. With Search! a high value semantic search engine is included in the software, that makes complex searches within the candidate pool possible in a fast and user-friendly way. And with the component Match! it is possible to automatically translate a request or job vacancy into an intelligent search, with which most relevant candidates are found and ranked.
Besides being able to quickly search through the candidate offer, Nétive VMS Force 2 users can also proactively search their own candidate pool.

“Textkernel delivers groundbreaking and very user-friendly technology that allows our customers and partners to easily recognise talent. By fully integrating the technology into our functionality for inflow and outflow of permanent and flexible staff, we can support our users at a level of excellence” says Chris Nedermeijer, Product Architect at Nétive. “Our customers are excited. Never before could we integrate an external product so nicely into our existing functionality.” According to Sven Kuiper, Software Engineer at Nétive, it was a relative easy implementation because of the clear documentation and many configuration options of Textkernel.

The first release has also been received with enthusiasm at Textkernel.
Tijs van Tilburg: “Nétive has integrated the various components of Textkernel into its platform at a particularly good and smart way, allowing users to take full advantage of the technical possibilities and at the same time get a fully intuitive and consistent user experience. We are very pleased with this partnership and look forward to further develop this together.”

Both parties face the future with confidence. “Comparing all offers at a glance, is now possible with Textkernel”, says Nétive. “Our customers will be very pleased.”

Nétive VMS Force 2 offers a SaaS (fully Internet-based) solution for the total administrative process of hiring. From inquiry to invoice, including reporting.

Textkernel specialises in semantic recruitment technology with its multilingual CV parser and user-friendly search and matching software.