New features Jobfeed

The Jobfeed team has been busy. They have made several improvements to the labour market analysis tool. Below you can find an overview of the most important Jobfeed changes.

  • Improvements searching by location
    – For Jobfeed NL, searching by radius is now more accurate.
    – For Jobfeed Germany and France, speed improvements have been made for searching on location with city and radius.
    – For Jobfeed France, it is now also possible to search by departement (sub region).
  • Improvements Match! integration
    – All jobs in Jobfeed can now be matched, also vacancies that expired (after 1 October).
    – Speed improvements: matching jobs from Jobfeed on the candidate database is now 2 to 3 times faster.
  • User experience improvements
    For all Jobfeed countries user experience improvements have been implemented:
    – Opt out link for the e-mail and Excel alerts
    Users that don’t have access to Jobfeed can now also stop the alert.
    – Remembering the Analytics reporting settings
    When you made a report in Analytics, Jobfeed will remember this when switching tabs.
    – Reset button in Analytics
    In the Analytics tab a reset button is added to quickly start a new report.
  • Processing jobs in PDF format
    Jobfeed can now also process pdf vacancies in Germany and France. As a result, more vacancies have become available.
  • Expected: searching by industry in France
    Soon it will also be possible in Jobfeed France to search for jobs on industry. You can make your own configurations (via my settings) and the data will become available in the portal as well as in Excel and Analytics.

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