New: Jobfeed Austria: skills analysis

Jobfeed, the leading Big Data tool for jobs in the Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, is now also available in Austria! Together with public employment service AMS Österreich, Textkernel has developed a version of Jobfeed for the Austrian labour market. This projects includes a unique feature: skills analysis

Unique in Austria: skills extraction in jobs

Jobfeed collects jobs from the Internet and structures, classifies and enriches the information, making the labour market searchable and transparent. In Jobfeed Austria skills and competences are also extracted from jobs and made searchable. This allows users for example to research which skills are most desired in certain professions. The tag cloud below shows the popularity of programming skills in Austrian jobs.

Tag cloud skills
Most requested programming skills in Austria. Source: Infographic Jobfeed Austria

About Jobfeed
Jobfeed offers a current and historic overview of online jobs and is a valuable source of information, as well as a unique analytical and acquisition tool for recruitment agencies, job boards, mobility and research organisations.

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