New Jobfeed release (2014.1)

The new year has just begun and Jobfeed can already present you with a new release. Read below what’s new in Jobfeed for the Netherlands, France and Germany or register for the Jobfeed webinar* of 4th February in which the new features are explained.

  • Improved searching by location
    Jobfeed has made ​​improvements that allow you to search more precisely for jobs in a particular area:
    • Searching with each radius
      The search radius is no longer limited to fixed values ​​(10, 25 , 50 and 75 km). You can now search for jobs with any radius between 0 and 100 km from a particular city.1309
    • Searching with exact postal code
      You can now also search for jobs in a specific part of a city, by searching with one or multiple postal codes. Use the ‘postal code’ field in the search form. This field is available for Jobfeed NL and Jobfeed FR.1308
  • Link to the saved job description
    In the Excel reports of Jobfeed data you can add a field with a link to the text version of the job vacancy in Jobfeed. When the original job is no longer available, you are still able to look up the job description.

  • IP filter for access of sub-users
    If you have an account with multiple sub-users, you can now set IP ranges that apply to all users. For example, you can ensure that only users within the network of your company can login to Jobfeed.

  • Improvements for Jobfeed Germany and France
    For Jobfeed Germany and France, new features have been added that allow you to better find and approach organisations in your target group.

    • Searching by industry
      In Jobfeed Germany you can now search by industry of advertisers. This was already available in Jobfeed NL and FR. In the search form, the Jobfeed categories for industries are used. In ‘settings‘ you can create your own industries (based on NAF codes for France and WZ codes in Germany ). Industry can be exported to Excel and used in Jobfeed Analytics.
    • Searching by company size
      In Jobfeed France and Germany it is now possible to search by the company size of the advertiser. This is already available in Jobfeed NL. You can for example search for jobs of companies with more than 1.000 employees. You can search with the field ‘number of employees’. Company size can be exported to Excel and used in Jobfeed Analytics.
    • Contact information of the organisation in Excel exports
      Besides the contact details from the job vacancy, you can now also export contact details to Excel in Jobfeed Germany and France, like company name, address, phone number and website of the advertising company. These new fields are available in the Excel template. You can configure this with the Excel self service.

      Example of a Jobfeed Excel template with new fields: 'job link (cached)', 'industry' and 'organisation size'.
      Example of a Jobfeed Excel template with new fields: ‘job link (cached)’, ‘industry’ and ‘organisation size’.

Would you like to try out Jobfeed for free? Request a free trial account or register for the Jobfeed webinar*.

*In the Jobfeed webinar* of 4th February (in NL or DE), the newest features are explained and tips & tricks for Jobfeed are presented. The webinar is available in Dutch and German.For more information about Jobfeed France, request a personal demo.