New release Extract! CV parsing 2016.1

Textkernel released a new version of Resume Parser that includes various improvements in its CV parsers and the ‘Apply with’ widget.

New features in Extract! CV parsing (release 2016.1)

Apply with your CareerBuilder profile

applyTextkernel’s ‘Apply with’ widget now also includes the option to apply with a CareerBuilder profile. With the ‘Apply with’ widget, companies can offer their applicants a candidate-friendly one-click application process, which also works on mobile. You can configure which sources you want to offer to your job seekers, including a resume (via Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox) or their LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Viadeo, Google+, Doyoubuzz, Monster, and now also their CareerBuilder profile.

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New extraction items

  • CV title or headline in French CVs and various social media profiles (LinkedIn, Viadeo, Google+).
  • GPA (Grade Point Average) from education items in English CVs
  • The CV’s last modified date
  • New option to output phone numbers in an international format (e.g.+31204942496)

Improvements of Textkernel’s current CV parsing models

Besides adding new features, Textkernel’s R&D team invested a lot of time and effort in further improving the current CV parsers. This resulted in big improvements for the English model, as well the overall and other country-specific models.

Improvements for all languages

  • Better job title extraction and section segmentation
  • Various speed improvements, mainly for long documents and social media HTML profiles.
  • Various extraction improvements for LinkedIn, DoYouBuzz and Facebook profiles.

Language-specific improvements

  • Many improvements for English CVs, including better extraction of name, address, phone, experience, education and computer skills.
  • Better classification of education items for English, Dutch, French and German.
  • Various minor improvements for German, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian and Danish.

More information

Would you like to know more about Textkernel’s resume parsing technology or the new version? Please contact Textkernel.