New Search! & Match! release: Performance improvements and field-in-field search

Textkernel is happy to announce the newest release of Search! and Match!, its products in the field of semantic searching and matching. Besides general performance improvements, a major new feature has been added: field-in-field search. Field-in-field search (also called ‘nested field search’) offers the possibility to do more complex queries such as the level of a certain skill or multiple availabilities of candidates.

How does the field-in-field search improve your sourcing efforts?

With Textkernel’s field-in-field search, you are able to search in multiple levels within a search field. For instance, you can look for candidates who speak English and then refine your search to find candidates whose level is advanced. Especially customers with large databases require more complex search functionalities within certain fields. To accommodate this request we implemented this new feature.

How can you use field-in-field search?

This new feature offers many possibilities for complex search queries. Examples of use cases are:

  • “Candidate must have expert knowledge of Python.”
  • “Candidate should be fluent in Mandarin or Cantonese.”
  • “Candidate must be available for project work between May and June.”

You can find further information regarding the field-in-field search in Textkernel’s blog.

Other updates

Besides the major new feature of field-in-field search, Textkernel’s team has been working on the following updates for Search!:

  • Several performance improvements: Faster navigation within the user interface, faster re-indexing of your data (e.g. when changing your codetable) and faster suggesting of keyword in the main search field with auto-suggest
  • More search fields from external sources (e.g. searching for salaries in Monster profiles)
  • Ability to index numbers with decimals (this is important e.g. when indexing hourly wages)

If you have any further questions regarding this new release, do not hesitate to contact us.