Unlock the Potential of Your Data for Talent Acquisition Success

Unlock the Potential of Your Data for Talent Acquisition Success

Listen as Matt Alder and Grant Telfer dive into data driven talent acquisition

There has never been so much data to inform, innovate and optimize talent acquisition strategies. Data is the untapped goldmine in HR and staffing organizations, housing countless potential candidates. But understanding and extracting value from this data is something many organizations are still struggling with. Organizations need to bridge the gap between data to connect people and jobs better.

So how should employers be thinking about data, implementing data-driven talent acquisition strategies and planning for a future of data-based decision-making? 

In a recent episode of The Recruiting Future Podcast, Grant Telfer, Business Development Director at Textkernel, and host, Matt Alder, dive into the topic of data driven talent acquisition. 

In this episode, they discuss:

  • The current state of talent markets
  • Magnified skill shortages
  • Extracting value from data
  • What are the most important data sets employers have access to
  • Skills taxonomies and internal mobility
  • Up-skilling and succession planning
  • Data & APIs
  • The dangers of not using data to its full potential
  • The role of AI
  • Example use cases and outcomes
  • What does the future look like, and how should we plan for it

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This podcast was originally featured on The Recruiting Future Podcast.

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