Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process: Textkernel’s Acquisition of Joboti Combines Advanced Candidate Engagement Technology to AI-Powered Solutions!

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Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process: Textkernel’s Acquisition of Joboti Combines Advanced Candidate Engagement Technology to AI-Powered Solutions!

As a member of the Textkernel team, I am excited to announce our recent acquisition of Joboti. The Amsterdam-based company is dedicated to providing innovative candidate engagement technology, and with this acquisition, Textkernel’s global buy-and-build strategy takes another significant step forward, enabling us to offer even more value to our clients.

Gerard Mulder, CEO of Textkernel

This acquisition brings together two organizations with a shared vision of providing seamless, automated, and scalable solutions for recruiters and sourcing professionals. The combination of Textkernel’s cutting-edge parsing and matching technology and Joboti’s innovative candidate engagement technology creates a powerful platform for recruiters to find and engage with the right candidates with minimal effort.

Currently, recruiters are limited by a mainly manual process of finding the right candidates and then reaching out to them through social media, email, phone, or instant message to confirm their availability and interest. However, with the combination of our technologies, recruiters can quickly find relevant candidates through AI-powered match technology and engage with those who have the right skills and have indicated their interest, availability, updated skills, and even completed a vetting question.

Moreover, the integration of Joboti’s technology into our solutions will allow recruiters to automate communication workflows in the recruitment process, including job alerts, GDPR checks, pre-screenings, interview scheduling, and feedback messages. This will streamline the process of engaging with candidates, freeing recruiters to focus on higher value tasks such as starting meaningful engagements with available candidates.

Our customers can expect to see even more innovative features and products in the coming months and years. The combination of Joboti’s technology and our AI-powered recruitment solutions will provide advanced tools for engaging with candidates, improving the recruitment process, and shortening the time to hire. With the ability to keep candidate records up to date and engage only with available and interested candidates, recruiters can ensure a positive candidate experience.

We remain committed to innovation and making an impact on the recruitment industry. The acquisition of Joboti strengthens our position as a leader in AI-powered recruitment solutions, and we are excited to welcome the Joboti team to Textkernel. Together, we look forward to creating even more innovative recruitment solutions that will revolutionize the industry and help our clients achieve their recruitment goals with even greater efficiency and ease.

For more information and an FAQ about the acquisition, visit our website.  

About Joboti

Joboti is an Amsterdam-based start-up that specializes in cutting-edge recruitment technology. Founded in 2016 by Luuk van Neerven and Stephan Kockelkoren, the company offers multi-channel communication solutions  (such as  Whatsapp and SMS) and candidate engagement workflow automation to provide a seamless recruitment experience.